Professor of Petroleum University

Abstract False report labor costs are empty, and virtual invoicing is used to collect research funds... Wang Xinhai, a professor at the China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Oil and Gas Engineering College (pictured), has maximized the amount of research funding he can operate. Falsely rep-----

Auto Beauty Shop Renovation Considerations Attracting C…

The rapid development of the automobile beauty industry has led many investors to invest in it. However, it is not so easy to become a successful automobile beauty shop. First of all, from the decoration point of view, if the car beauty shop is decorated well, it can attract many new and old custo-----

There is so much knowledge to choose a smart toilet lid

A few days ago, the editor posted a Weibo about the price of smart toilet cover. Many fans came to inquire about the price of the cheapest smart cover of a certain brand. The smart toilet has functions such as warm water washing, warm air drying, and intelligent deodorization, and it is becoming mo-----

Choose a better kitchen sink to make life fresher

As the saying goes, "golden kitchen, silver and bathroom", in the decoration process, the kitchen can be said to be the most troublesome place. Today we will talk about one of the keys to kitchen decoration, the sink. The size of the sink is determined according to the space of the kitche-----

Brief Analysis of Classification and Characteristics of…

The plastic extrusion profile production line is a kind of plastic Machinery products. In addition to this, there are plastic pipe production lines and plastic sheet production lines. The plastic extrusion profile production line is mainly used for the production of pla-----

What control functions can be realized by the smart hom…

Intelligent home intelligent lighting system is the most advanced lighting control method. It adopts all-digital, modular and distributed system structure. It connects various control function modules and components in the system into one lighting control through five types of control lines. The n-----

What are the functions of the reducer?

The reducer is a conversion device used in speed and torque. Its purpose is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. Almost all kinds of mechanical transmission systems can be seen in the trace of the reducer, its application is quite extensive. Reducer is generally used for low speed high to-----