Home improvement package name is fascinating and eye-ca…

The home improvement industry is welcoming the "package era." Following the great attention paid by Xiaomi's home improvement in the industry at the beginning of this year, not only "Internet home improvement" companies have been born, but also various -----

How to prevent tomato bacterial wilt

Tomato bacterial wilt is a sudden disease, which is more harmful in summer with high temperature and humidity. The greenhouse cultivation mainly affects tomato cultivation after autumn extension or autumn and winter. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright (1) Sympto-----

[PPR water pipe installation] PPR water pipe installati…

PPR pipe installation is an important part of the hidden project. Besides the material quality of the water pipe, the correct construction steps are also very important. The PPR pipes in the kitchen and the living room are generally best to "walk, walk, and not walk." Next Xiaobian for e-----

Analysis of Noise Causes of Ordinary Roots Pumps

Roots vacuum pump (Roots pump) is a kind of vacuum pump without internal compression, mainly by a pair of leaf-shaped rotor in the pump chamber synchronous, reverse rotation of the push to move the gas to achieve exhaust , With pumping speed, fast start, small size, easy operation and maintenance, -----

U.S. scientists develop integrated water-based solar fl…

Researchers at The Ohio State University developed the so-called "world's first rechargeable solar cell" last year, which solved the current problems in the collection and storage of solar energy, especially the problem of energy loss. It is reported that the loss -----