6 tricks to teach you to dandruff

Have you ever been troubled by the dandruff of white flowers on your hair? Have you ever been guilty of dandruff in public or friends gatherings? Are you afraid to wear black-colored clothes because of dandruff? The dandruff problem is indeed A long-standing problem that plagues people, is there any way to completely solve this tangled dandruff problem? Let's let the Shanghai Home Network Xiaobian teach you a few tricks, so that you can easily remove dandruff troubles.

Six strokes easy to go to the dandruff, confidently looking up is not a dream

1. Beer dandruff method:

First you have to buy some beer, then add the right amount of beer in the water, mix it evenly in a certain proportion, and then you can wash the head with beer water, so that you can feel the dandruff is obviously reduced for about half a month. Try it now.

2, ginger dandruff method:

Cut the ginger into pieces, then put it in a bowl filled with water and boil it. After a while, wash the head with ginger water and stick to it. The problem of dandruff will be obviously improved.

3, tea dandruff method:

Tea contains tea saponin, and tea saponin has a good washing effect, and has the function of dandruff and itching, and it is a natural anti-dandruff element, so it is non-irritating to the skin while dandruff, after dandruff The hair is fresh and elegant. The tea leaves can be boiled, and the warmth is applied to the head. After 1 to 3 minutes of massage, wash. This can prevent hair loss and the anti-dandruff effect is also very good.

4, yogurt dandruff method:

Yogurt can be dandruff? It is really ok. First wash the hair again, then evenly lick the yogurt in the scalp area, wait a few minutes, let it fully absorb, then wash it with vinegar-washed water. If you persist for a long time, you can easily go to the dandruff.

5, baking soda swarf method:

We use baking soda instead of shampooing, but to make baking soda to wet hair and scalp. Wait for 1~2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. This insists on using baking soda for two weeks, the scalp will start to produce natural oil, so that the scalp skin moisturizes and reduces dandruff. In addition, baking soda can remove dandruff, as well as the effect of makeup removal.

6, onion dandruff method:

First, choose a fresher onion, then smash the onion with a tool and wrap it in gauze so that it can be used to wipe and massage the scalp. After a while, it can be cleaned. This can not only smear, but also itching.

The dandruff problem is really annoying, but as long as you can stick to any of the above methods, I believe that the dandruff problem will improve soon. After all, these are natural methods of anti-dandruff, so the effect varies from person to person. Everyone should pay attention to the method according to their own hair to choose their own method.

Shanghai home network editor, the article comes from the Internet.

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