70 square meters decoration costs 70 square meters decoration how much money

Many people are unable to give an accurate description of the decoration costs. Because the decoration price is affected by many aspects, programs, forms, methods, grades ... ... about the cost of decoration of 70 square meters , Xiao Bian here can not say a Numbers, but the lowest 10,000 can be done, as to the highest, this is not easy to say, after all, so many factors, the following small series for everyone to introduce the estimated price per square meter of decoration costs.

70 square meters decoration costs

1, the ground

1 leveling: 20-25 yuan / m2, the use of drill cards or Lafarge 32.5 # cement and sand, the thickness of less than 20mm, each more than 1cm, plus 5 yuan per square meter.

2Floor: The use of reinforced composite wood flooring is approximately 79 yuan per square meter per square meter, with a loss of 8%-10%.

3 floor tiles: 80-90/m2 (not including well-known brands), including the baseboard, 800*800 Pengeng Jinggong tiles, reported losses of 3% - 8%.

2, wall surface

1 Primary treatment: 3-5 yuan / m2 or so, if the wall base is very good, this part of the money can be saved. The decoration company's offer, this part is usually labeled as: wall leveling repair, calculated by the actual amount of occurrence, the specific price is invisible.

2 painting: 21-30 yuan / m2 or so, but also including the wall and joints cracking bandages; wall leveling; sanding smooth, local rest and then polished; remove the dust, roll the primer again, surface Paint two times (such as adding a color plus 150 yuan) does not contain special primary treatment (wall paint).

3, doors and windows

1 set door: It is recommended to use composite solid wood, 900-950 yuan / sets, including door locks, door suction, hinges.

2 bathroom door: more bathroom water, the door to choose the main waterproof, the proposed use of micro-molecular structure, 800-900 yuan / sets, including accessories.

4, lamps

If it is ordinary, it can be around 3,000 yuan. If the installation fee is the case, the average small and medium-sized company will not collect the installation fee, because this part of the money is already in the power transformation.

5, hydropower reform

1 Waterway: 40-55 yuan/m or so, 4 points PPR pipe 45 yuan / m, 4 points PPR dark 55 yuan / m, to straight, after installing the seat pressure test, test the water, change the water 80 Yuan/m, change the water meter 150/pc.

2 circuits: 28-38 yuan / m or so, strong use of 2.5-4 square international plastic copper three-color wire, high-quality insulated threaded pipe, low-voltage practical high-quality copper 8-core cable, between the point and the terminal can not be straight to the streets, Line separation.

6, kitchen and bath

1 floor tiles: with the ground floor tiles.

2 cupboards: 700-900 yuan / linear meter, it should be noted that the quality of cabinets below 700 are more or less have some problems, it is recommended to buy more than 700 yuan.

3 Sanitary Ware: It is recommended to look for some popular brands to do when the activities to buy, a set (including toilet, wash basin, faucet, bath kit, mirror, paper box, soap box, towel bar, tray, floor drain, Yuba) 4000- About 5000, affordable quality is also more secure.

4 ceiling: 50-60 yuan / m2 or so.

5 Waterproof: 15-20 yuan / m2, mainly kitchen and toilet.

7, other

1Disposal of rubbish: 200-210 yuan, decided by the bagging of the construction site to the designated garbage dumping place of the community (300 Yuan for a foreign vehicle, other calculation), and cannot be piled outside the door.

2 Cleaning fee: 200 yuan.

3Management fee: 1200 yuan, management fees This section must be in the contract to specify the details of the management of the decoration has what kind of management.

The above is a description of the related content of the renovation of 70 square meters. I hope to help you. For more information on decoration, please continue to pay attention to the information on this site.

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