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What is NVR

NVR's Chinese name "Network Video Recorder" is the core product of the security video surveillance industry. It can achieve complete monitoring system management applications such as camera access, image browsing, video storage, decoding and display. If you imagine a video surveillance system as a person, then NVR is the human brain, it is responsible for the overall control of the entire system. Compared with traditional analog DVRs, the most important feature of NVRs is their full network. That is, all signals are transmitted through a single network cable instead of a large number of cables such as audio, video, and alarm in the DVR era. Therefore, NVR is introduced. It was with the slogan of "NVR, DVR Terminator" that it made its debut and finally realized this prediction in the last 5 years. 4KNVR, as its name suggests, is an NVR product that supports 4K ultra-high definition image performance. The physical resolution of 4KNVR is 3840×2160, which is 4 times that of 1080P and about 9 times that of 720P. With the improved management performance of NVR, 4KNVR can work with 4K cameras. A full 4K ultra-high definition video surveillance system can be built to provide clearer, higher quality security monitoring.

What is 4K

4K technology first developed in the television field. In May 2012, the International Telecommunication Union issued the BT.2020 "Ultra High Definition Television UHDTV" (or Ultra HDTV) standard recommendations to call the screen a physical resolution of 3840×2160 (4K×2K) and above. Ultra HDTV, so 4K is also called 2160p.

It is worth noting that the BT.2020 standard also incorporates 8K (7680×4320) into Ultra HD. So, strictly speaking, Ultra HD includes 4k and 8k. In addition, the BT.2020 standard also specifies the frame scanning frequency supported by Ultra HD, including 120p, 60p, 30p, 29.97p, 25p, and the like. It can be seen that all Ultra High Definition images are based on progressive scan. The interlaced scanning technology that has undergone nearly one hundred years has withdrawn from the stage of history in the Ultra HD era. In terms of color, the BT.2020 standard has made significant improvements over the previous Rec.709 standard. For example, in the aspect of color depth, 8 bits from Rec.709 standard are upgraded to 10 bits or 12 bits, in which 10 bits are for a 4K system and 12 bits are for an 8K system. This increase has played a key role in the enhancement of the entire image in terms of color levels and transitions. Changes in the color depth standard also led to changes in the criteria for adjusting the picture's optimal dynamic range. In fact, in addition to the resolution, refresh rate, and color depth, the ultra-high definition system defined by the BT.2020 standard has also undergone a full range of adjustments in terms of color space, gamma correction, etc., especially the expansion of the color gamut triangle. , making the color performance of the picture far better than the HD system.
NVR video summary

In terms of transmission interfaces, the 4K-capable transmission interface currently has two kinds of HDMI and Display Port (DP interface). The HDMI 1.4 a can support 4K resolution specifications up to 4096*2160@24Hz or 3840*2160 @ 30 Hz. The latest HDMI2.0 can support 60Hz 4k resolution transmission. The DP1.2 standard supports up to 60Hz resolutions of 4096*2160 and 3840*2160.
NVR video slice playback

4K Value to NVR and Whole Video Surveillance Industry

4K technology is of great significance to the entire security industry including NVR and video surveillance. Its ultra-high-definition image and ultra-wide viewing angle are not only for important departments such as transportation and transportation, but also for large-area, long-distance security monitoring and road safety management. The necessary conditions, the future is based on big data technology to develop smart cities, smart buildings, smart communities, smart transportation, smart home and other applications based on the key - because only the image details more high-definition, a variety of applications of the wisdom of the background analysis results The more accurate.

4KNVR practical guidance at this stage

The biggest benefit of 4KNVR is that it can directly access 4K cameras and then output 4K images to 4K display devices through local decoding, providing a higher-definition video browsing experience. Now, mainstream brand 4KNVR also adopts a "one machine and three screens" configuration design of a 4KNVR + three display devices. The display device can be used for real-time browsing of monitoring images, and can also conduct real-time browsing, video playback, and electronic map respectively. Navigation and other applications serve as a small monitoring center.

Second, even without a 4K camera, 4KNVR has significant practical significance. We know that the four 1080P images are about 800w pixels in total. After being synthesized and displayed by ordinary NVRs, the images of four 1080P cameras will be compressed into one 1080P physical resolution image, which is only about 200W pixels. Image clarity will be greatly reduced. However, if the use of 4KNVR is not the same, then each 1080P camera image can be decoded without loss by 4KNVR and display output to 4K display, to maximize the effect of restoring 1080P HD images.

Finally, in addition to higher definition, 4KNVR will also have an important impact on the successful application of smart and big data. At this stage, 4KNVR has been able to achieve video intelligent search functions including video real-time analysis, video abstraction, video slicing, etc. NVR, it will further improve the accuracy of video analysis results and reduce the false alarm rate.

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