Acceptance Points for Home Improvement Hidden Projects (Part 2)

4, electrical pipeline project

With the increase of household appliances, people's demand for electricity is getting higher and higher, so the electrical wiring project must be carefully designed by the electrical engineer to create a circuit diagram before construction, so that the owners in the lives of convenient and safe. Electrical line installations require high material quality and construction processes.

General power cords are divided into hard wires, cords, sheathing wires, etc. According to the thickness of the copper core, it is divided into 1 square millimeter line, 1.5 square millimeter line, and 2.5 square millimeter line. Wiring materials are generally composed of wires, PVC pipe and wire accessories, and electrical switches. Since each material has many varieties and the quality varies, the prices vary greatly. In terms of wires, the commonly used wire specifications are 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, 10 mm2, and there are many varieties of each specification, such as BVT (double plastic protection), BV (single plastic protection), 2R- BW (flame-retardant double plastic), 2R-BV (flame-retardant single plastic), and the level is also different, there are international standards, national standards, and some are not up to standard, the price difference of 1-2 times, or even 3-4 times For safety reasons, it is more convenient for maintenance and the power cord should be sleeved. In addition there are audio lines, signal lines and so on. The outlets are divided into 10A and 15A, there are also many brands, and many counterfeits. Poor outlets are prone to accidents, and it is recommended to purchase them in a regular electrical appliance store. Therefore, I hope that consumers do not want to be petty and give themselves trouble. Electrical wiring projects require construction regulations. Workers should hold certificates to ensure safety and eliminate hidden dangers.

Line pipe layout requirements: In accordance with the requirements of the distribution of the circuit, the first step is to mark the direction of the line on the wall and the ground, determine the installation position of the cassette in the future, and prepare the slot. On the wall, mark the direction of the wire trough in advance, and open the appropriate wire troughs (depending on the diameter of the trachea and the number of tracheals) and open the buried trough of the cassette. Wire troughs must be horizontal and vertical, consistent in depth; the position of the cassette requires the same height of the cassette. Line pipe laying, here we should pay attention to: the wall laying of the line pipe to use rigid PVC pipe; floor laying line pipe to use water gas iron pipe; pipe and pipe connection between the use of pipe joints; 90 degree corner to use 90 degree elbow; must take fixed measures on the line tube; TV antenna coaxial cable and telephone line should be worn alone, and keep the distance between the adjacent line tube not less than 30 centimeters; the diameter of the line tube should be guaranteed after threading Pull freely. Fix the cassette and adjust the position of the cassette. Put the wire into the wire tube, pay attention to the power wire to minimize the connector; TV coaxial cable and telephone line is strictly prohibited; the power wire connector needs insulation tape and waterproof tape for double insulation. The lighting line and the outlet line should be controlled separately. The cable is 2.5 square millimeters. Kitchen electricity, air conditioning electricity, and jacuzzis must be used as special lines. The cable is 4 square millimeters. During the construction, the wiring lines must be up and down vertically, left and right straight, the wires must be covered with PVC pipe and fittings, and the shear wall or load-bearing wall that cannot be destroyed must be covered with anti-wax pipe insulation material. Do not bury the wires directly in the concrete wall. In the installation of the line, it must strictly abide by the "fire line into the switch, the zero line into the lamp, left and right fire, grounding on the" provisions. The wire should be laid with a PVC pipe, and the total cross-sectional area of ​​the wire should not be greater than 40% of the PVC pipe (for example, 2.5 square millimeters of the six-way pipe can only be used for four wires). PVC pipe wall thickness is 1.2 mm or more, and the hand grip should not feel soft and not broken. Wires, hot water pipes, and gas pipes shall be kept in close proximity to each other and shall not abut. The discharge of electric wires should be taken away from the wall. It should not be carried out under the floor, under the floor tiles or at high altitude. The position of the switch should be 130 centimeters from the ground, and the position of the socket should be about 20 centimeters from the ground. The wire on the suspended ceiling shall not be placed on the keel, and the junction box, lamps and ceiling fans shall not be fixed on the keel, and the keel shall be fireproofed. The size of the keel shall meet the load-bearing requirements of the ceiling.

Special note: After the construction is completed, in addition to the power check, the construction team will also provide the owner with a detailed circuit configuration drawing. There was a phenomenon in the home renovation where an electrician walked the line very well and could be accidentally damaged by other people. Therefore, in order to ensure that the above situation does not occur, it is better to mark the position of the trace.

5, grassroots projects

Flooring base: There are two approaches to the base of solid wood flooring: one brushing cold base oil on the concrete floor, laying wooden keels, and finally nailing the floor; the other method is to lay a layer of blockboard on the keel, or the floor Then nail the floor. Using this method, the floor is evenly distributed and the structure is firm. Composite floors are easy to install and there are also two ways to do this: one is to make the leveling layer first, then lay the PVC cushion, and then lay the composite floor; the other is on the cement leveling layer, laying the wooden keel and the wool floor, and the two-storey composite floor.

Protective wall base: The wainscot has flat plate and bump type. The practice is to brush a layer of cold base oil on the wall first, then install a 30mm*40mm wooden keel, nail the multilayer board or blockboard on this basis, and finally nail the veneer plywood. In order to prevent mildew, a series of 6mm diameter vent holes were opened on the panel wall.

Door and window cover base: The keel is arranged first, then the wood board or the density board is nailed, and the surface is plywood nailed with a veneer. Note that the MDF should be soaked in water to prevent it from expanding in the future.

Ceiling base: ceiling materials are gypsum board, gray board, plywood, aluminum alloy buckle board, plastic buckle board, milled glass, stained glass, etc., keel wood keel and light steel keel. Cracking of ceilings often occurs, such as the use of elastic putty joints, and the application of nylon straps can improve this situation.

Special note: Before hanging the panel, you must check whether the specifications, quality, type, welding, spacing, etc. of the keel, connecting pieces, fasteners, etc. meet the requirements; the wires of the water supply, air conditioning, ventilation and other facilities in the ceiling. Whether the equipment, such as water pipes, have been tested for electrical insulation and resistance, whether the connection is firm, and whether the flammable material has been fire-retardant and fire-retardant.

6, the installation of wooden keel

The specifications of the wooden keel must not be less than 2.5 x 3.5 cm in principle. If the conditions permit, wooden keels of the largest possible size should be used. The spacing of the wooden keel shall be determined according to the length of the floor, but the supporting keel below each floor shall not be less than two, otherwise it will directly affect the force of the floor and shorten the service life of the floor. The fixing of the wooden keel must be carried out by nailing and gluing at the same time. The nails should be nailed into the wooden keel from both sides in a direction of 45 degrees. If the nails must be screwed in from top to bottom if they are limited by the construction conditions, they must be submerged. keel. The joints of each row of wooden keels must be staggered. It is strictly forbidden to arrange wooden keel joints in a line, which will affect the overall force of the keel. Due to the problem of the ground, there will be a certain gap between the wooden keel and the ground, and the gap between the wooden keel and the ground must be adjusted with a wooden wedge, and it should be plugged. The use of a small wood plug pad is strictly prohibited.

If the cost of construction permits, you can also use the following methods to improve the installation level: A. Use cement mortar to level the entire ground, depending on whether the time of the project can do this. B. Filling the space between the keels with ceramic particles or slag, on the one hand can fill the space between the keel, in addition can also absorb moisture; C. Before installing the keel, brush the waterproof coating on the ground; D. Before installing the keel, the ground Full of plastic film, its role is similar to the third point, but the use of very little; E. keel above a layer of high quality blockboard (commonly known as Daxinban) as a wool floor, can play a whole connection and force uniform The role. However, if the wood floor is made directly from wood, the cost will be higher.

Special note: The looseness of the wood keel after installation is not allowed. There should not be a difference of more than 0.5 mm between adjacent keels. If such phenomena occur, they should be dealt with promptly.

The handling and acceptance of these concealed works must be checked and accepted by the person in charge of the construction unit for the first time, and the owner and supervision unit must be checked and accepted for the second time. If the requirements and regulations are not met, the construction unit shall promptly conduct repairs and repairs according to the owner’s opinion. Finally, the acceptance records and the actual pipeline trend map provided by the decoration company are taken as one of the project acceptance data and are properly preserved.

In short, home decoration is a relatively specialized technical job. The shelf life is not to despise the quality of concealed projects. If there are conditions, professionals are required to check and control.

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