Analysis of advantages of high temperature oven high temperature resistant thermal insulation coating

High temperature oven high temperature insulation coating advantages:

1. The thermal conductivity is low, the heat insulation effect is remarkable, and the heat conduction can be effectively prevented. The heat energy utilization rate of the high temperature oven can reach 98%;

2, can be fully bonded with the base layer, the overall adhesion is strong, especially suitable for other types of insulation materials difficult to solve the special equipment insulation;

3, good flame retardancy, environmental protection;

4, the construction is relatively simple, can be carried out by manual application;

5, coatings are widely used, widely used in construction, industry, etc.;

6, high temperature resistance, using Zhisheng Weihua special high temperature solution, temperature can reach 1800 ° C, can be used in high temperature, fire for a long time;

7, safety and environmental protection, ZS-1 Zhisheng high temperature insulation coating has no flash point, no odor at normal temperature and high temperature, no harmful substances are produced;

8, high hardness, hardness can reach 7H, high wear resistance;

9, insulation, fire retardant grade, fire rating can reach A grade.

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