Analysis of matters that should be paid attention to when selecting bearings

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Analysis of matters that should be paid attention to when selecting bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-09-04

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The demand for shopping malls using various mechanical equipment and instruments for rolling bearings is becoming more and more stringent; the conditions and functions required for bearings are becoming increasingly diversified. In order to be able to select the most suitable bearings from a large number of layouts and scales; A kind of viewpoint research. When selecting a bearing; usually; thinking about bearing placement, installation, ease of disassembly, bearing space, scale and bearing mallarity of the bearing; roughly determining the bearing layout. Secondly; On the one hand, we compare the various life-times of the various bearings used in the bearing and the different endurance limits of the bearing; while determining the bearing scale. When selecting the bearing; it tends to only consider the fatigue life of the bearing; The lifespan of the grease, wear, noise, etc. are also in need of sufficient research. In addition, according to different uses; it is necessary to select the requirements for precision, clearance, shelf layout, grease, etc.; However, there are no necessary orders and rules for selecting bearings; the priority should be considered for the conditions, functions, and most relevant requirements for bearings. Term; particularly practice.
â—† Conditions and functions required by the bearing â—† Operating conditions, environmental conditions â—† Some dimensions of the bearing device â—† Spaces that the bearing agrees â—† The size of the load, direction â—† Oscillation, impact â—† Rotation speed, limit speed of the bearing â—† Inner ring, outside Skew of the ring â—†Axial direction fixing and bearing arrangement â—†Easy loading and unloading â—†Noise, torque â—†Rigid â—†Shopping, economical resolution Bearing layout, placement â—†Using machinery and drawing life â—†Equivalent dynamic load or equivalent static load â—†Rotation speed â—†Accept the static load factor â—†Accept the axial load (in the case of cylindrical roller bearings)
Resolution of bearing scale â—† Accuracy of rotary vibrating â—† High-speed rotation â—† Attention to the use of torque change: Rolling bearings are fine parts; their operation must be carried out in a stable manner. No matter how high-performance bearings are used; if not used properly, it will not Get the expected high functionality. The focus on the application of the bearing is as follows.
1. Adhere to the bearing and its surrounding health.
Even small dust that cannot be seen by the eyes will have a bad influence on the bearings. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the surrounding sanitation; so that the dust does not invade the bearings.
2. Use it carefully.
In the application, the bearing is strongly impacted; there will be scars and indentations; the cause of the incident. In severe cases; cracks and cracks; so it is necessary to pay attention.
3. Use the right things to do.
Prevent the replacement of existing things; it is necessary to use the right things.
4. Pay attention to the corrosion of the bearing.
When operating the bearing; the sweat on the hand will become the cause of rust. Pay attention to the operation with clean hands; the best possible to wear gloves.
In order to maintain the original function of the bearing in an outstanding condition for as long as possible; it must be protected, overhauled, in order to prevent the accident from happening; to ensure the reliability of work; to improve productivity and economy.
Operational specifications that protect the most appropriate mechanical working conditions; timed. Contents include supervision of working conditions, remediation or replacement of lubricants, and periodic disassembly.
As a maintenance item at work; there are bearing rotation, oscillation, temperature, lubricant condition, etc.

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