Analysis of Noise Causes of Ordinary Roots Pumps

Roots vacuum pump (Roots pump) is a kind of vacuum pump without internal compression, mainly by a pair of leaf-shaped rotor in the pump chamber synchronous, reverse rotation of the push to move the gas to achieve exhaust , With pumping speed, fast start, small size, easy operation and maintenance, in the aerospace, electrical, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry and other fields are widely used vacuum pump. Wide range of uses, highly respected and loved the market. However, after people use them for a period of time, they will find out the noise situation. What exactly is this? Root cause pump noise analysis Roots pump noise is mainly due to motor noise and Roots pump noise caused by two aspects, the specific analysis is as follows: First, the motor noise Motor noise will largely cover the Roots pump noise. The motor noise on the one hand is caused by plastic deformation of the fan, which also resulted in fan noise; the other hand, the use of poor quality bearings caused by bearing noise. Second, the Roots pump noise Roots pump noise sources mainly from the rotor collision, gear and bearing noise caused by three. 1. Rotor collision noise It includes the rotor and rotor, rotor and pump body and rotor and side cover collision noise. The main reason is: the lack of stiffness of the shaft, the rotor and the gear in the shaft positioning of the radial displacement, gear gap is too large or too small, the bearing axial clearance is too large. 2. Gear Noise Factors Affecting Gear Noise In addition to the machining accuracy of the gear itself, there is also the parallelism and center distance of the two rotor shafts on which the gear is mounted. 2. Bearing noise In addition to the accuracy of the bearing itself, the lack of design may also lead to an increase of bearing noise, such as bearing the inner and outer ring installation interference is too large, the shaft stiffness is insufficient, insufficient supply of lubricating oil, and by dust, water, corrosion Gas and liquid pollution. The above is the reason Roots pump noise analysis, of course, this is for the ordinary Roots pump, the best solution is to buy a good performance, low noise Roots pump, I hope this information you have help. This article is copyrighted industry interconnect (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network Editor: Zeng Fenfen (QQ / micro-channel:) starting: http: // / (Service Hotline:)

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