Analysis: Several Misunderstandings About Customers' Purchase of Safes

Analysis: Several misunderstandings about customers buying safes There are a variety of safes on the market. Brands are like many stars, and their styles have their own characteristics.
How to buy a safe with a relatively high cost performance is a realistic issue that has to be considered by consumers.
I. Mistakes in fire prevention cabinets:
State-certified safes only have CCC-certified safes. Their fireproof cabinets are not classified as safes. They can only be referred to as general high-ranking safes. Relatively safe, these safes are expensive, but they have a high degree of security. Have been reduced, the internal has a special fireproof material, the quality of the import is better than the domestic quality, because the cabinet of the cabinet is relatively thick, so it has a certain anti-theft function, in order to prevent theft, it is recommended that consumers buy a national mandatory certification Although the price of safes is relatively high, the anti-theft factor is relatively good. If anti-valuable items are stored, it is better to import imported fire-proof cabinets.
Second, the model error:
Various types of safes are available. Prices should be compared with safes of the same size. The comparison between different brands is close to the safe, the same product is of good quality, the same quality is the same as the safe, and the safe is also the same. It is recommended that consumers have better insurance of the same size. The price of the cabinet then makes the decision.
Third, the appearance of errors:
Some of the safes in the real market are difficult to identify authenticity from the outside, and they are also electronic locks. The same size, why is the price difference a lot? Because there are a number of counterfeit cabinets posing as safes, the storage cabinets are relatively thin, and the door panels are laminated. From the outside, the thickness and the real safe are almost the same, but after opening the rear cover, it is found that all are empty. The actual plate thickness is less than the thickness of the metal cabinet, and even lost to the metal cabinet, it is recommended that consumers first knock on the safe door when buying the safe to see if it is hollow, the real safe and safe No matter if it is a hand or a sound, it's not the same.

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