Auto Beauty Shop Renovation Considerations Attracting Customers is Crucial

The rapid development of the automobile beauty industry has led many investors to invest in it. However, it is not so easy to become a successful automobile beauty shop. First of all, from the decoration point of view, if the car beauty shop is decorated well, it can attract many new and old customers. . Then, the next Xiaobian to introduce the car beauty shop decoration notes.

Auto Beauty Shop Decoration Precautions

1, store water and electricity to do a good job

Cleanliness is the main process in car beauty, so the hydropower project is very critical. During the renovation, the water lines should be laid well. Drains should also be prepared to keep the water flowing smoothly and prevent the deposition of sewage.

2, a reasonable store layout

The space layout of the car beauty shop is very important. If the space is large enough, consider designing a rest area so that when the customer comes to wash the car, there is also a comfortable rest area. Then around the rest area, some matching product displays can be arranged. While resting, customers can also see the products we display.

3, determine the decorative style

The decoration style of the auto beauty shop is generally a modern style, not too luxurious, in the color you can choose the more acceptable colors, plus a unified material, so that it can present a colorful world.

Car beauty shop color matching

1, the color should highlight

Auto beauty shops are generally open along the street, so be sure to choose a more prominent color for the color, and the surrounding buildings, storefronts to distinguish, highlighting the brand color;

2, color to the main color and color coordination

The main colors and matching colors of car beauty shops should be well coordinated. At most two main colors can be used to decorate with a matching color. Of course, color matching is the designer's main job, and non-professionals can't easily collaborate with them.

3, the color should be consistent

For the logo color, wall color, device color to be unified.

4, the harmony of color and shape

Matching color to highlight the brand image, this will be more complicated to do.

Editor's summary: About the car beauty shop decoration notice is introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

Auto Beauty Shop Renovation

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