Boma digital lock core pioneered domestic mechanical lock intelligent application

The high-tech digital lock core developed by Boma uses digital identification technology to increase electronic certification on the basis of traditional mechanical locks, which can achieve double protection of electromechanical. Technology unlocking is not possible with any uncertified key, including the “master key” or “lock king”. It has reached the following levels in terms of technology research and development:

Digital anti-theft

The Boma digital lock core adds digital recognition and electronic certification to the traditional lock core structure, breaking through the space and quantity limit of the mechanical bullet key. The built-in chip of the matching key uses 64-bit digital coding technology to generate the digital key, and the encryption degree is reached. Thousands of billions of times, can not be rewritten, can not be copied, achieve high security of mechanical and electrical double protection, highly innovative ideas, and obtained a number of national patents.

Technical defense

Boma digital lock core does not change the design and manufacturing process of locks. Whether it is electronic lock series such as fingerprints, card swiping, or traditional mechanical lock series products, it completely eliminates any attempt to open illegally through lock keyhole or emergency hole. Hidden dangers, refusing to steal outside the door, prevent problems before they happen.

Low carbon energy saving

The Boma digital lock core introduces the humanized design concept while ensuring safety. It has no current, no power consumption and no key supply in the non-working state. It is enough to ensure the energy consumption of tens of thousands of times when using ordinary batteries. The device is fully compliant with national security standards.

Beep alarm

The Boma digital lock core detects any illegal opening attempts, including illegal keys that fail to pass the password authentication, any foreign objects attempting to turn the lock cylinder, etc., and will automatically trigger continuous beep sounds and prompt alarms. When the battery is under voltage, the indicator light and buzzer will also give a prompt.

One-click registration

The military security key for the Boma digital lock core uses digital identification and memory technology to realize intelligent registration. For expired or lost keys, there is no need to replace the door lock or the lock cylinder, just press the button reset to refresh the storage record and relieve the worries.

a spoonful

The unique security technology of the military security key provided by Boma digital lock core combines the traditional ID/IC card and mechanical key into one. It realizes a spoonful of all kinds of electronic access control and anti-theft door lock, eliminating the access control card and key. Mixed use troubles.

Emergency burglar

The Boma digital lock core conforms to the personalized and diversified development trend of the locks, and expands the integrated function features of the keys to realize any combination of multiple opening methods. No matter whether it is applied to traditional mechanical locks or electronic locks such as fingerprints and credit cards, it completely eliminates any Attempts to implement technical safety hazards through keyholes or emergency holes. Customized according to customer needs, it is convenient for users to choose.

Special care

Boma digital lock core applies modern communication technology, according to the customer's individual needs, the user's home status (such as children, old people, relatives, staff, etc.) can be dynamically fed back to any designated communication number by voice or SMS.

Video Surveillance

The Boma digital lock core information management system uses large-capacity readable and writable chips to store integrated information, and can start the camera monitoring device to accept and record video images in real time, which is convenient for users to read and call at any time for information tracking, analysis and management.

Due to need for an alarm

According to the user's needs, the Boma digital lock core can be equipped with alarm functions such as illegal opening, shackling and slamming. It can also choose different alarm modes such as voice, SMS and video. The alarm information can be synchronized to the designated property management office. Alarm Control Center.

System linkage

No matter what kind of opening method is adopted, any product of Boma digital lock core can realize the interconnection and interaction between the door lock and the security system such as intercom and alarm, or the smart home control system. Among them, the intelligent application of mechanical locks is the first in China.

Security integration

The Boma digital lock core information management system uses wireless communication transmission technology to integrate the security alarm signals sent by the induction module, CNC lock core, smart key and other terminals (such as infrared, smoke, etc.), which can make the system preset without delay. Respond to actions.

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