Bonafontein home renovation needs to be cautious

The house has lived for a long time. I always feel that the space is not enough, or I am not satisfied with the layout of the house. I will knock off a certain wall to increase the space. Bonafontein reminds you that in the absence of professional knowledge, it is best not to change the layout of the house casually, and accidentally will lay a hidden danger to home security.


Wall can not be dismantled

Some small-sized house owners feel that a certain wall in the living room is a bit unsightly. If you remove it, you can expand the living room space and simply start to break the wall. In fact, the wall in the living room is basically a necessary wall except for some decorative walls added by the later decoration. If you disassemble it casually, it will probably be removed to the load-bearing wall. Once the load-bearing wall is demolished, the gravity of the entire house. The structure will be affected.


Do not change the balcony function

In addition to the balcony for drying clothes, many owners have developed other functions for the balcony: the flower room, the small study room, the reading room, the leisure area, and even the kitchen. When it comes to the problem of balcony modification, the owner should think twice about the case of converting it into a kitchen. The balcony has pipes, electrical appliances or gas. Once the weather is heavy and heavy, the wind blows out the fire and easily causes gas leakage, thunderstorm weather pipeline and In the event of lightning strikes, the consequences of the electrical appliances are unimaginable. Therefore, it is best to consider more before the balcony is modified.

Socket height should not be low

When planning the location of the outlet, some owners will put the position of the socket in a lower position, so that even if the wire is short, there is no need to worry about not being able to reach the socket. If the position of the socket is too low, it will be easily splashed by water and cause electric leakage. When you walk, you will kick the socket. If the child is curious, it is dangerous to put his finger into the jack.

Go also thinks that the home improvement looks very interesting, but the professionalism involved is not something that ordinary people can master. If you want to change the home layout, it is best to consult a professional and get professional advice before starting work. Otherwise, It is not worth the candle.

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