Centrifugal pump commonly used materials table

Due to the different forms of pump and working conditions, the materials used are varied. But summed up mainly consider two aspects: First, consider the mechanical strength; Second, consider the corrosion resistance. For example, large-diameter impeller requires a higher mechanical strength, high-pressure pump also has such a requirement. The presence of cavitation, erosion, chemical corrosion, electric corrosion of the pump, but also requires the material with anti-corrosion properties. In addition, the delivery of high temperature liquid pump, should also consider the thermal and creep properties. Centrifugal Pump Common Materials Table Part Name Normal Temperature Water P≤60 (kg / cm²) Feed Water Pump t≤150 ℃ p≤150 (kg / cm²) High Temperature Pump t≤200 ℃ p≤300 (kg / cm²) , Water inlet, water outlet) HT20-40HT25-47 ZG25 ZG35 ZGCr5MoZG1cr13 Vane HT20-40HT25-47 ZG25 ZG2cr13 ZG1cr13ZG2cr13 Impeller HT20-40HT25-47 ZG2cr13HT25-47 ZG1cr13ZG2cr13 Bush HT20-40HT25-47 2545 Quench 2Cr13 ZGCr5MoZG3cr13 Shaft nut 3545A5 25 ZGCr5MoZG3cr13 Sealing ring HT25-47 HT25-472Cr13 3Cr13 Balance plate HT25-47 45 Quenching 3Cr13 3Cr13 quenching balance ring HT25-47 45 Quenching 3Cr13 3Cr13 Quenching adjustment sleeve HT25-47 40Cr2Cr13 3Cr13 Bearing HT25-47 HT25-47 ZG25 Coupling HT25-47 35 35CrMo Tightening Bolt 3545A5 40CrV35CrMo 35CrMo Shaft 3545 40CrV35CrMo 3Cr13 Bearing Tire HT20-40 A3 25 Based on the available materials, the material can be heat-treated to give full play to its intrinsic potential. For example, in order to improve the wear resistance of bushings, gimbals and the like, they can be surface-hardened to increase their hardness. In order to improve the carrying capacity and erosion resistance of the shaft, the shaft of the pump can be normalized or quenched. If the hardness is too large, the shaft loses its toughness and becomes brittle; if the hardness is too small, the strength of the shaft is not enough.

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