Choose a better kitchen sink to make life fresher

As the saying goes, "golden kitchen, silver and bathroom", in the decoration process, the kitchen can be said to be the most troublesome place. Today we will talk about one of the keys to kitchen decoration, the sink.

The size of the sink is determined according to the space of the kitchen, there are generally two options: single tank and double tank. Let's first understand the pros and cons of these two sinks.

Single slot


1. Large space, you are not afraid of washing dishes and pots, and easy to operate;

2. All cooking utensils, dishes, vegetables, fruits, etc. can be soaked and washed at one time. The single tank with a depth of about 18cm can also be splash-proof;

3. Large or long items, food, etc., are more convenient to wash, and can be washed directly without breaking.


1. After washing in a single tank, the inside will be very dirty, and some dirt accumulated will easily cause blockage and difficult to manage;

2. It is not possible to wash two different kinds of items at the same time, which is inconvenient for two people to operate together and the efficiency is low;

3. The garbage disposer cannot be installed.

For people

1. Families who can work alone and like to put large pots in the sink to soak and rinse;

2. The cabinets and sinks are relatively small, and this type of family basically has no choice. Make a single tank and use all the space as much as possible;

3. For families with dishwashers, single tank is more convenient;

4. Families with small kitchen space and small population;

5. Families who often cook and are willing to clean, if they often cook and are not willing to clean, it is easy to accumulate garbage and produce bacteria;

Double slot


1. Garbage disposer can be installed;

2. You can wash the dishes while washing the pot, so the cooking efficiency is high;

3. Double tanks can be used in special division of labor, for example, washing cooking utensils while washing food at the same time, which is more hygienic and clean, convenient and flexible.


1. It is inconvenient to wash large items;

2. When washing things, the space is limited due to the small space, so it is not as comfortable and convenient as a single tank;

3. There are certain requirements for the faucet, and it must be equipped with a faucet that can be turned.

For people

1. Families pursuing cooking efficiency;

2. Families who cook frequently and move quickly;

3. Families who plan to install waste disposers;

4. Families with larger populations.

Okay, let’s analyze the pros and cons of each, and you can choose according to the needs of your home. Next, let's talk about the materials of the kitchen sink.

Generally speaking, common kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel or artificial marble.

stainless steel

The most common, the most durable, and the best care. Different brands use different thickness and processing technology. A good stainless steel sink can hide scars, inhibit the cold feeling of metal, and reduce the residue of stains on the surface of stainless steel;

man made rock

Natural marble has rich color variations and warm and soft texture, strong stain resistance and easy to take care of. Divided into two types of acrylic and polyester. Acrylic is impact resistant, heat resistant, and transparent. Polyester fiber is relatively cheaper than acrylic ;

Well, that's all for today.

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