Choose the solid wood door with a door installed door sleeve is the key

More and more families choose a stylish, solid wood door with a heavy internal quality. A good door is also a guarantee of family safety. Is that what it takes to maintain the door?

According to statistics, complaints about wooden doors are mainly on the door. Often the door leaf is still intact, but the joint between the door leaf and the door leaf has been loosened. Because with the increase in the number of wooden doors open, the screws will loosen, the door gradually sinks, resulting in poor switching. If there is a problem with the door cover, it may damage the floor or wall of your home during maintenance, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, when consumers choose wooden doors, don't forget to pay attention to the door. A wooden door is no better. If the door cover is not durable, it will directly affect the practical effect and service life of the wooden door.

How is the best way to install door covers? First of all, the door must be nailed so that the door is not easy to fall off. Second, the water resistance of the door covers is critical, especially the bathroom door. Once the door cover is damp, the surface will be black, swell, peel, crack, and sometimes it will cause frying. Therefore, to select wood with good moisture resistance, it is also possible to coat the surface of the wood with a waterproof coating or add a waterproof sheet. In this way, you can sit back and relax.

Now is the season of drizzle. Many people mistakenly believe that moisture is not suitable for installing wooden doors, but it is not. On the other hand, it can be said that it is the season of testing wooden doors and door covers. If you now install wooden door covers, you can rest assured that other seasons. In the end, we hope that in the season of rejuvenation and full of vitality, every family will open a door of happiness.

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Custom Aluminum Extrusions for railway transit, railway sounds wall, racks and railings.

Aluminum alloy 6000 series, from T3-T8.

 Various in size, style (Aluminum Profile, rods, flat bars, angles, square bars, "T" profiles, and "U" channel)

Surface treatment: milling-polish-anodize (include color for silver, red, champagne, black, blue, bronze and so on)-brush-sandblasting-powder coated and so on.

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Aluminium Rail Transit

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