Citrus May Core Management Technology!

After May, the temperature rose rapidly and the rain was too high. Citrus also ushered in a crucial period from fruit drop to fruit stability. Appropriate weather conditions are easy to make a large number of summer shoots, solid saplings should seize the opportunity, attack and shoot strong, expand the crown; for fruit trees, the key is to deal with the contradiction between the fruit and reduce the fruit drop.

Safe fruit

Most of the citrus has entered the second physiological fruit drop period this month. Since the fruit drop lasts for a long time, the fruit preservation work cannot be taken lightly.

For those who have not yet carried out the second guarantee, they should choose sunny weather and grasp the spray-protecting fruit medicine: gibberellin + sea elf bio-stimulant leaf type + phosphorus potassium source library.

For the second physiologically serious fruit drop varieties such as granulated orange, it is necessary to cut the ring at the right time to achieve the purpose of controlling the fruit.

Generally speaking, the ring cutting is most suitable after the spring shoots turn green, but for the trees with more fruit, it can be carried out after the fruit splitting. At the same time, the next time the fruit is stabilized before the second protection, the fertilizer is based on the phosphorus potassium source pool. The high potassium type fertilizer is mainly used to promote fruit enlargement and inhibit the germination of summer shoots.

Pay attention to avoiding the lowering of the fat before the wound healing. At this time, the root absorption capacity is relatively weak, and it is easy to cause rotten roots.

Control summer shoots

In the case of fruit trees, the large amount of summer shoots is bound to consume a lot of nutrients. The nutrient competition between the fruit and fruit is fierce, causing a lot of fruit drop. Therefore, controlling the summer shoots is an important management work this month.

Common methods for controlling summer shoots include tree control (controlling shoots with fertilizer, controlling shoots with tips, controlling shoots with fruits), manual control and drug control (controlling tips, pressure tips). For specific operations, please refer to How to Control Summer "Twist?", here are a few points to note.

1 The purpose of controlling the shoots is to alleviate the contradiction between the tips and fruits, not to see the summer shoots must be removed. Even for fruit trees, summer shoots have certain positive significance. For trees with a large amount of fruit, a proper amount of summer shoots can wash away some fruits, reduce the workload of fruit thinning, increase the ratio of leaves to fruit, and help raise trees. . In addition, for varieties with a lot of top fruits, such as Maogu mandarin, wolfberry, etc., some of the summer shoots can be used to temporarily block some sunlight during the high temperature period to reduce the occurrence of sunburn fruit.

2 Controlling the shoot is a comprehensive measure. Although control is often divided into several types of methods, in practice, it is often used in combination. If the fertilization is reasonable in the early stage, the germination of the summer shoots can be reduced, and the artificial tipping can be used in the later stage to achieve a good control effect.

3 Reasonable use of control measures. For example, when artificially smearing the tip, do not erase it all, leaving one of the weakest, so as not to overwhelm the summer shoots; the first batch of summer shoots can be retained, and the weaker trees with less fruit are not. suitable. In addition, when controlling the tip of the drug, especially when killing the tip, it is recommended to try it in a small range to avoid unnecessary loss.

Sapling management

The growth of summer shoots is prosperous, and the branches are long and thick. For young trees, promoting summer shoots is the key to cultivating good trees and forming lush crowns.

Attacking fertilizer: 10 to 15 days before the tip, drenching a balanced or high-nitrogen water-soluble fertilizer (or compound fertilizer) + sea elf bio-stimulant root application type 300 times liquid to enhance the tree nutrient water, Strengthen the root system and promote the summer buds to tidy.

Unification of the shoot: Although the summer shoots are strong and strong, but the hair is not very neat. Usually, the top bud is smeared 1 or 2 times to remove the top advantage, so that the lower bud is firstly extracted, and the plant sprouts are neat. This can promote the release of new shoots, facilitate the prevention and control of pests and diseases, and form a high-yielding canopy as soon as possible.

Strong-slung fertilizer: Apply 1~2 times of strong-fertilizer fertilizer after tipping. The fertilization method is to apply the phosphorus-potassium source pool or high-potassium water-soluble fertilizer or compound fertilizer + sea elf bio-stimulant root application type 300 times liquid to accelerate summer The old-fashioned, ready to draw again, is conducive to the formation of a lush crown.

Cultivate the tree shape: short and long summer shoots, the cut buds should be outward. Timely remove the young fruit that has not fallen, concentrate the nutrient supply, and pay attention to transforming or cutting off the long branch. For the larger space, you can cut the short cut and promote the picking of the shoots. After the sprouting, pay attention to the germination work. For each base branch, 2~3 branches can be left. If the space is large, it can be left to 4~5. For the too compact tree type, it is necessary to combine the branching and shaping, let the tree open, and cultivate the tree which is good for fruit hanging. Type structure.

In addition to the above, the pests and diseases on the citrus will begin to enter a high incidence this month. The main diseases are anthracnose, ulcer disease, brown spot disease, etc. The main pests are the leaf miner, scale insect, hibiscus, rust tick, beetle, and cockroach.蝉, etc., we must pay attention to strengthen prevention and control, and at the same time do not ignore the dead ends of the grass and other trees. [Source Agricultural Assistant (ID: nyzs360)]

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