Combination of cabinets

In the modern home life, more and more people buy combination cabinets. The biggest advantage of the combination cabinet is to save space. Don't think that this advantage is not important. In fact, today, with the rising house prices, the area of ​​the house is getting less and less. In a small space, how to make people's life comfortable has become a university question, then it is a very wise choice to buy a set of cabinets at this time. Now the cabinet products on the market are complicated and the quality is uneven. Everyone has a lack of knowledge in this area. Based on the above points, Xiao Bian will introduce the purchasing skills of the combination cabinets, and I hope that I can help you in the process of purchasing the combination cabinets.

Edge sealing of panels for combination cabinets

The edge of the high-quality cabinet is fine, smooth, feels good, the sealing line is smooth and smooth, and the joint is fine. Professional manufacturers use edge straightening machine to complete the process of edge sealing, broken head, trimming, chamfering and polishing. The glue is evenly applied, the pressure of the pressure-sealing edge is stable, and the workstations on the assembly line work continuously, and the precision of the processing size can be adjusted to the most suitable part to ensure the most accurate size. The small factory uses a brush to apply glue, manually presses the edge seal, uses a knife to trim the edge, and uses a manual polishing machine to polish. Because the glue is uneven, the resulting edge seal is uneven, the seal line is undulating, and even the edge is sealed. There is a feeling of sliding hands. Because the pressure is not uniform, many places are not strong. It is easy to open the rubber in a short time. Once the sealing edge falls off, there will be water ingress and expansion, and a large amount of toxic gas such as formaldehyde will be released into the air. , causing harm to the human body.

Combination cabinet shopping tips punch

Today's panel furniture is assembled with three-in-one connectors, which requires a lot of positioning holes on the board. The fit and precision of the vacancy will affect the structural robustness of the cabinet. The small hand factory uses a pistol to drill holes. Due to different positioning criteria and large dimensional errors during positioning. The precision error of the hole position matching is very large. In the process of box combination, even the hole position can not be matched. Therefore, the combined case size error is large, not a very regular square body, but is distorted.

Combination cabinet shopping skills cutting board

The cutting board is also called the opening of the board, which is the first process of cabinet production. The performance of the precision equipment is stable. The dimensional accuracy of the board is very high, the tolerance unit is in the micrometer, and there is no collapse at the edge of the board.

The small manual factory uses a small manual to open the data. Even using a woodworking material to make a simple operation table, the plate size error caused by this simple device is large, often more than one millimeter, and often collapses, that is, the plate substrate is exposed.

Combination cabinet buying skill door panel

The door panel is the face of the cabinet, just as important as the human face. Everyone wants to choose a good-looking "face" for their cabinets. Deformation and distortion "face" are certainly not in the list. Produced by small factories

The door panel is easily deformed by moisture due to improper handling of the substrate and surface processes.

Assembly effect of combination cabinet purchasing skills

The small gap of the cabinet should be even and the door panel should be straight. Any dimensional error in the production process will be displayed on the door panel. The door panels produced by professional manufacturers are horizontal and vertical, and the gap between the doors is even, and the cabinets produced by the small factory will have uneven door seams, uneven gaps and large Small, the door panel is not on a flat surface.

Combination of drawers for purchasing cabinets

Although it is a small detail, it affects the important parts of the quality of the cabinet. Due to the dimensional error of the vacancy and the plate, there is an error in the matching of the sliding rail mounting dimensions. The condition that the drawer does not move smoothly or loosely. Also pay attention to the uniformity of the drawer gap. A relaxed and comfortable life requires high-quality cabinets. Choose a quality cabinet for your home. Isn't it a good quality life to enjoy a warm home life?

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