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Nowadays, all kinds of interior decoration materials are there, which has led to many owners who do not know how to choose. Therefore, a friend asks Xiao Bian, what are the better indoor decoration materials? Then, let's take a look with Xiao Bian. Decoration materials classification it!

Decoration materials

1. Solid wood

Solid wood is a kind of raw material. Solid wood mainly refers to materials made of raw wood. Commonly used logs are: Chinese fir, red pine, ash, camphor, eucalyptus, etc., and more valuable logs are: rosewood, eucalyptus , oak and so on. The wood used in the decoration is mainly made of Chinese fir. Other wood is mainly used for supporting furniture and carved accessories.

2. Plates

The plate is mainly made of various kinds of wood or gypsum. The uniform specification of the plate is 1220mm×240mm. The common plate decoration materials include: fireproof gypsum board, plywood, particle board, composite board, etc., and some of the more valuable Red board, white board, oak board, teak board, etc.

3. Sheets

Sheets are mainly made of stone, ceramics, wood and bamboo materials processed together. Stones are usually marble or granite, and their thickness is generally about 15-20 mm. There are many varieties, usually common decorative materials, floor tiles and wall tiles can be divided into six kinds: First, wear-resistant bricks, also known as glass tiles, non-slip non-glazing, and second, glazed tiles, slippery surface, the third is imitation marble mirror tiles , Also known as polished tiles, smooth and shiny, four is a mosaic, five is a non-slip brick, also known as whole body brick, six is ​​a wall tile, basically white or with light flowers.

4. Profiles

The profiles are mainly made of steel, aluminum alloy and plastic. The uniform length is generally between 4m and 6m. The steel is usually suitable for the production of anti-theft doors and windows and the installation of fences. The main material of aluminum alloy is divided into two colors, one is silver and the other is brown. In the home decoration, there are ceilings used to decorate the bathroom and the kitchen.

5. Wire

Wires are mainly made of wood, gypsum, metal, and polyurethane mixed together. There are many kinds of wire and the lengths are different. The plaster line is usually divided into two types: flat line and angle line, and the flat line is suitable for supporting flowers. Generally, the width is about 5 cm. Corner lines are generally used for wall corners and ceilings, and there are many types.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the Xiaobian editorial materials for everyone to share the classification, it is recommended that you go to the regular mall for material purchase, hope that the above sharing can help everyone, if you need more information, please continue to pay attention to this Website site, Xiao Bian will answer one by one for you.

Decoration materials

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