Decoration off-season building materials prices "water" too large

The sofa priced at RMB 170,000 is available for sale at a price of RMB 90,000. Nowadays, it is an off-season period for the sales of building materials, and all businesses are trying their best to cut prices. However, there are people who report that, behind the seemingly high profits, businesses have exposed some of the “moisture” products sold by building materials manufacturers.

The citizen Zhang said yesterday that a set of sofas in a building material mall in Tiedong had a price tag of 170,000 yuan. Mr. Zhang said that there is a big gap between the price and the psychological price, so the merchant can tell that the price can be discounted. However, what Mr. Zhang did not expect was that the final price offered by the business was actually 90,000 yuan. "A set of sofas is 80,000 yuan cheaper. This moisture is too great!" said Mr. Zhang reluctantly.

At the moment, when the building materials market is in the off-season, many citizens who have purchased furniture have said that buying off building materials in the off-season will obviously feel that the price difference and “moisture” are somewhat large. "The first two months, the price of wooden bed is promising 5,500 yuan, that can only hit 8.5 fold, and recently watched, actually marked a special price of 3900 yuan." Citizen Liu said.

In summer, not only the passenger flow in the building materials market has decreased significantly, but many service personnel who sell furniture have become lazy. Some sales staff who sell bedding products even fell to bed and fell asleep. Compared with the peak season in March and April, not only special products abound, most of the commodity's price has also dropped by one to two percent, and some of the household products that are “high above” in the past have even dropped by 34%. Ms. Wang, the citizen, said that the curtains that were optimistic about the first two months had a bid price of 1,000 yuan. When asked recently, the asking price for curtains has already dropped to 500 yuan. And the waiter also said that if there is a discount on the day of purchase.

In this regard, the industry sources revealed that the sale price of building materials is also market adjustment, merchants naturally free pricing, the higher the end of the furniture products, the price will be easier to elevate. However, in the off-season, the merchants only want to rely on profit-taking methods to attract passengers. They did not expect that many citizens who “stepped on the plate” in advance had already grasped the price of the commodity and exposed the “moisture”.

However, there are also some brand merchants lying there in the "medium*." Some building material traders said that due to the off-season businesses will introduce some similar products with zero profit to attract the public, relying on volume to earn manufacturers rebate rebates, and if the public use zero-profit products as a "moisture" reference, it is inevitable that many businesses . Therefore, when the public “steps on the plate”, it also depends on whether the sold product is a special product, and then judges the “moisture” of the product sales.

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