Domestic giant hydropower unit ball valve is produced in Harbin

In the workshop of Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., the workers are processing the ball valve body of No. 2 pumped storage unit of Xiangshuiyu Hydropower Station in Anhui Province.

The ball valve has a total weight of nearly 300 tons during the water storage experiment. It is currently the largest ball valve in China, and its various experimental indicators have reached the international advanced level.

It is understood that the pumped storage unit is a special unit that consumes electricity during the valley load of the system and generates electricity during peak load, which can achieve energy saving and emission reduction of the power system.

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Features of oil seal springs

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2.Wire Dia.:0.16mm-1.2mm
3.Pass ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 certificate.

4.Applications: automotive, motorcycles,home appliances,shipping, electronics,commercial installations and other fields.

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