Domestic jewelry O2O platform, what else do you not know?

The O2O model has subverted the development of many fields. The marketing model of the jewelry industry is also facing shuffling; the offline jewellery giants have developed online marketing channels to make up for online short-boards; the online Internet jewellery brands have been under the line, to the franchise model. To expand the market size, "Jewelry O2O...
The O2O model has subverted the development of many fields. The marketing model of the jewelry industry is also facing shuffling; the offline jewellery giants have developed online marketing channels to make up for online short-boards; the online Internet jewellery brands have been under the franchise mode. Expanding the market size, "jewelry O2O" came into being. This article counts ten domestic jewelry O2O, namely: Pliny, Diamond Bird, Zocai, Woodland Diamond, Love Degree, Per Carat, Oriental Meibao, at this time, Jin Keguan, Yi Diamond Mall .
Pliny: Upgrade from M2C to O2O
Pliny Jewelry is an Italian jewellery brand that began in 1918 and initially served a small number of high-end people and is now serving the mass consumer. Pliny has its own processing plant system, the original M2C (mineral to consumer) model. At present, Pliny has built a jewellery business platform integrating online display and online shopping on the basis of the increase of franchise stores, and has increased brand promotion efforts from the original M2C to the O2O model. Pliny Jewelry's O2O model adopts an online and offline unified product and unified pricing model. At the same time, Pliny Jewelry also promoted through social media such as Weibo and WeChat, laying a solid foundation for the online. Pliny's O2O model provides new ideas for solving the problem of jewellery's lack of online shopping experience and trust, offline shopping, low style and high price.
Diamond Bird: The first "Mouse + Cement" mode
Diamond Bird was founded in 2002, two co-founders Xu Wei and Xu Lei. In 2005, the company established a dedicated website platform and established the first experience store, which is the prototype of the "mouse + cement" model. The mouse refers to the Internet (the mouse is used for Internet access), and cement is the experience store, which is real. Selling diamonds on the Internet requires the user's trust, which is why the mouse plus cement model is produced. The executives of Diamond Bird believe that the customer price in the jewelry industry is high, and it is difficult to trade on the goods online. After the offline channels, the probability of the transaction will be greatly improved. At present, Diamond Bird has dozens of offline experience centers throughout the country, providing users with customized wedding ring service and distribution and maintenance. In the future, Diamond Bird will focus more on the line and align with traditional brands in terms of products, user experience, service and hardware environment.
Zocai: Operate storefronts with Internet thinking
Zocai E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, founder Wu Tao. Zocai mainly deals in diamond jewelry and fine colored gemstone jewelry online. Later, it has successively entered third-party e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and Vipshop. So far, more than 90% of its revenue comes from online. Even so, online sales still face the psychological obstacles of consumers' “seeing is believing”. Therefore, since 2009, Zocay has opened stores in dozens of cities across the country, launching the O2O marketing model and connecting online and offline. Into a blood. The business philosophy of ZOKA's omni-channel operation is to manage the storefront with the thinking of the Internet. At the same time, use data to analyze daily inbound traffic, visitor channels, online and offline complement each other to achieve integrated marketing communications.
Woodland Diamond: Become a listed company in the integration
Woodlands Diamond was founded in 2007 by founder Guo Feng. Woodland Diamond is an early jewellery brand for e-commerce diamond sales. It has established strategic partnerships with e-commerce companies such as Tmall and to establish online channels. In December 2007, Pandan Diamond Beijing Xidan flagship store officially opened. The business model of “online and offline” has begun to take shape and currently has more than 50 offline experience stores. In March 2015, Woodlands Diamond was acquired by Gangtai Holdings at a price of 660 million yuan, and Lanlan became a listed company. The main business of Gangtai is concentrated in the gold and jewellery industry, while Yulan focuses on the diamond ring. The synergy effect between the two can expand the product line and form a strong pulling effect on O2O expansion. What is the follow-up development depends on the effect of the integration.
Love: create a one-stop franchise service for jewelry
Love Diamond Network was launched in September 2008. Love is the first BLC model: Business + Love + Customer, that is, the company meets the emotional needs of customers. In 2014, Ai Du Diamond launched a new O2O model to create an O2O platform for the jewelry industry and increase online and offline promotion. The addition of Love Diamond will take zero joining fee and zero technical service fee. The headquarters and the experience store goods database will be shared, and the goods will be sold online, offline and all-channel. Under the unified style cloud platform, the franchisee store guarantees the choice of styles of rich products and realizes personalized customization solutions. At the same time, the use of O2O mode marketing to ensure a steady flow of passengers in offline stores. The omni-channel precision marketing of Love Diamonds has a certain effect on improving customer stickiness and strengthening the store consumption experience.
Every carat: O2O marketing model of “e-commerce + direct experience store”
Every carat diamond mall was established in January 2010, and in July 2011, the e-commerce platform “Every Carat Diamond Network” was launched, and the O2O marketing model of “E-Commerce + Direct Experience Store” was proposed. At present, each carat has 9 directly operated stores across the country. Through the “network + entity” operation mode, it provides consumers with products and services such as diamond inlaid jewelry, diamond customization and investment. Each carat diamond network can rely on physical store resources. At the same time, each physical store has an e-commerce experience zone to achieve online and offline synchronization. In October 2014, the listed company Haoningda acquired each carat and increased its capital for its expansion marketing. Each carat plan to add dozens of physical stores with experience functions in first- and second-tier cities across the country, and realize functions such as making an appointment to the store, picking up the store, transferring goods from different places, and carrying online order after-sales services. The network is deeply rooted in the O2O model.
Oriental Meibao: B2C+O2O mode
Oriental Meibao was established in November 2013 and is affiliated to Shenzhen Oriental Meibao Network Technology Co., Ltd., two co-founders Hu Zhenkai and Du Jiangang. In March 2014, it received a $20 million Series A financing. Oriental Meibao gathers the next and second-line jewellery brands on the online line, and provides agent operation services including merchandising, marketing, data analysis, etc., so that offline brands can also transplant brand influence without knowing the online. Go online. At the end of April 2015, Oriental Meibao officially launched the “Oriental Meibao Wisdom Store System”, a micro-marketing tool for the transformation of the O2O in the jewelry industry. More than 300 stores signed up to use the Oriental Meibao Wisdom Store System.
Jin Keguan: China's first "Internet +" gold purchase handheld platform
Jin Keguan is China's first "Internet +" gold purchase handheld platform. In the gold spot field, relying on Internet peer-to-peer network technology, it provides financial services such as gold trading, gold leasing, and gold investment. It is a mobile internet product that provides gold spot solutions for middle-class consumers and gold-based store owners. At the same time, Jin Keguan used his own success to provide a brand-new sales model for merchants – a new gold jewelry sales model that is online and offline through the human channel. In the future, Jin Keguan will satisfy all the customers' needs for gold, and strive to create one-stop gold service for online gold purchase, gold purchase, deposit, gold withdrawal and gold cleaning, renewal, boutique customization and identification!
At this moment, the caravan experience of jewelry takeaway
At this time, it was established in July 2014. It is affiliated to Shenzhen Feifan Zhizao Technology Co., Ltd., and two co-founders Zhang Fan and Shi Xu have won millions of dollars in Series A financing after half a year. At the beginning of 2015, at this time, the jewellery mobile experience car was launched. The user placed an order on the Internet and selected the delivery service. The RV will be opened to the user's location, and the user can go to the store to purchase jewelry. In addition to the ordinary jewelry clerk, there is also a fashion professional chief jewellery appreciator to introduce and try on the product. At this time, the mobile O2O mode may be a breakthrough point in the traditional counter and e-commerce bottleneck, but how far it can go depends on the combination of its tradition and the Internet.
One Diamond Mall: China's first synthetic diamond monopoly website
One Diamond Mall is the first diamond jewellery website in China that specializes in “synthetic diamonds”, aiming to create a “synthetic diamond” commodity monopoly brand that customers around the world trust. One Diamond Mall insists on the highest demands of users, and strives to bring a unique “synthetic diamond” shopping experience to each customer. Jewelry provided by Yijing Mall is issued by an authoritative appraisal agency, including GIA (GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA), International Gemological Institute (IGI) and National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center NGTC (referred to as National Inspection) ) Analytical identification and certification, these identification organizations are known worldwide for their rigorous, consistent and impartial authority for identification. A diamond mall uses technology and art to interpret individuality and fashion, and to realize light and color in the wonderful natural world.

If the jewelry e-commerce model prospers the jewelry industry, then the golden age of the jewelry industry will be the era of the O2O model combining e-commerce with traditional physical stores. The combination of online and offline has become the consensus of all jewellery retailers. Almost all traditional jewellery stores have begun to sell on the Internet, trying to develop flagship stores on third-party platforms and other modes of operation. Even non-traditional jewellery companies are aiming at this. industry. However, the market space and market enthusiasm of the jewelry industry does not seem to be proportional. O2O is easy to say, and there are still some difficulties in realizing the combination of online and offline. Exploring a successful new O2O model has become the only way for the jewelry industry. We will wait and see what powerful jewellery O2O platform will emerge in the future.

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