Fine decoration room how to inspect the room fine decoration room inspection room matters needing attention

With the gradual increase in the number of refined decoration projects, the number of consumers purchasing hardcover houses has increased. No matter whether it is home decoration or office decoration, acceptance is very important. Similarly, inspection and acceptance of hardcover houses is also very important. So, how to fine-decoration house inspection room ? What is the standard for a finely furnished room inspection room? What are the notices for the fine decoration room inspection room? Don't worry, here's a look at Xiaobian.

How to decorate the house

1. Look at the "records" and the "two books." Before the arrival of a new home, the owner should see a copy of the project's relevant filing documents in order to confirm that the project is a legal construction; at the same time, the “house quality warranty book” and “house use manual” provided by the developer should be obtained.

2. Check whether the floor of the bathroom is leaking. This test is best performed at the same time as the upper occupants. There should be no stagnant water on the qualified ground, because the floor drain is the lowest point of the toilet. However, except for the rough house, there is a certain height of the post-drainage ground around the floor drain.

3. Check whether there are cracks in the plastering of the wall surface, the floor decoration surface layer and other decorative surface layers. Use a small hammer to gently tap, if you hear the "empty" sound, there is a gap between the surface and wall (ground) surface; if you hear the dull knock sound, then it shows that they contact well.

4. In the top floor rooms, you must check whether there is any trace of rainwater leakage on the top surface of each house. Because according to the building construction requirements, the houses handed over by the construction unit were either “tested” by two heavy rains, or the construction party conducted rain tests under the supervision of the supervision unit.

5. In general, the cracks on the wall are mostly not structural cracks, and they are not dangerous. Problems with the structure of the house often occur on the balcony. If there is a crack in the connection between the room and the balcony, it is likely to be a sign of the break in the balcony.

6. Check whether there is any seepage, leakage or blockage in the upper and lower water pipelines. Turn on the faucet and try to make the water flow bigger and anxious. Let's take a look at the water pressure and try the drainage speed.

7. When gates and meters are outdoors, they should be checked whether they can control indoor lamps and indoor outlets. The method is whether or not the indoor power supply is completely turned off after the gate is turned on. If there are gates in the gate, separate gates should be checked separately. Completely control each branch line.

8. To protect the safety of young children, safety sockets must be provided on sockets 30 cm above the ground.

9, the power outlet in the bathroom should be a moisture-proof socket and splash-proof measures. The lighting lamp holder of the bathroom must be a safe lamp holder for the magnetic port. There should be no socket above the wash basin.

10. The kitchen and toilet should be arranged near the ventilating passages, which will facilitate the rapid discharge of odors, exhaust gases, etc., and keep the indoor air clean.

11. Check the firmness of switches and sockets. Don't forget to open the line interface of the phone and TV. Pull it a little harder to see if it is a virtual one.

Fine decoration room inspection room matters needing attention

Carefully decorated room inspection room Note 1 - water circuit

The waterway includes three types, tap water, hot water, and medium water. Reclaimed water is usually used in toilets and is non-potable water. The material of the water pipe directly affects the life of the waterway system and the owner's water safety, and ensures the use of qualified materials. The owner can check the model of the house wires, the location and combination of the outlets, and the capacity of the maximum power-consuming equipment by asking the property management company for the as-built drawings. Check whether the leakage protection switch of the distribution box has lighting, whether the outlet is divided according to the size of the power, and whether the switch is beautiful and available. It is all the details to pay attention when checking the house.

Precise decoration room inspection matters 2 - air environment

The owner must first carefully check the list of decoration materials and compare the hazardous substances according to various standards and standards. After the completion of the project, the developer must provide the owner with an indoor environment testing report certified by the authority. The national approval is marked with the “CMA” and the others are invalid.

Carefully decorated room inspection notice 3 - hidden project

Covert projects include water circuit renovations, ceiling structures and bathroom waterproofing projects. The structure of the suspended ceiling is not shown on the as-built drawings, but the structure can be seen on the side of the hardcover room, the lamp position or the ventilation of the central air-conditioning. According to the regulations, the light steel keel must be used for the concealed engineering ceiling.

Carefully decorated room inspection matters 4 - waterproof testing

In the bathroom pour water test whether the water is smooth. There is no accumulation of water in the floor drains, which means that all the waters are flowing smoothly.

Carefully decorated room inspection matters 5 - verify building materials

The main materials used in the project should be accurately marked in the contract, especially the equipment with high gold content, such as sanitary ware, lamps, kitchen equipment, etc. In addition to the brand, the model and origin of the equipment must be clearly defined.

The above information on how to fine-decoration house inspection room as well as fine decoration room inspection room is simple to introduce here, and hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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