Furniture hardware accessories are what furniture hardware accessories to buy what coups

In the home decoration, people first consider the materials with anti-corrosion, energy-saving, sealed sound insulation and strong decoration, but the function of the hardware is also very important. Most of the furniture or high-quality materials need the cooperation of hardware. Nowadays, hardware accessories are paying more and more attention to aesthetics, and can also play a part in the furnishings of the living room. So what are the furniture hardware accessories? What are the coups for the purchase of furniture hardware accessories? If you don’t know much about the furniture hardware accessories, Xiaobian will tell you about it.

What are the furniture hardware accessories:

First, the window opener

The window opener can open a higher position ventilation window by a certain device, and the window opening execution component determines the width of the window opening, the weight of the window opener and the locking function. The angle connector is the transmission component, and its deformation determines the ability of the window opener to adapt to different window types and different installation conditions. The operating member can be in the form of a handle or rocker. There is also a manual window opener, which is suitable for opening the window in the hanging and overhanging.

Second, the door closer

Door closers can be divided into three types: door bottom springs, door top door closers and floor springs. The main feature of the door closer is that it is slower when it is closed, and there is no collision sound after closing. It is suitable for the door of a high-end hotel room. The door closer is divided into two types: horizontal and straight. The door and window are automatically closed after being opened.

Third, hinge

There are two kinds of hinge materials: copper and stainless steel. In order to open easily and without noise when selecting the hinge, it is better to choose the ball bearing in the shaft of the hinge. When choosing the brightness of the exterior paint and plating, the gap and strength of the load-bearing wheel determine the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing. The load-bearing wheel with uniform wear and rotation should be selected.

Fourth, handle

The shape and color of the handle are varied, and the handle materials are copper, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics, and the like. The handles of electroplating and electrostatic painting have wear-resisting and anti-corrosion effects. In addition to matching the decoration style of the room, they should also be able to withstand a large pulling force and play a protective role to keep the home in a safe state.

Five, the bolt

The so-called plug is a set of pins for fixing the workpiece on the jig or the mold, and a simple member for preventing opening is an anti-theft member that prevents the door and window from being opened from the outside. It is much simpler than the structure of the lock, except that it is locked outside the door and the bolt is in the door.

What are the coups to buy furniture hardware accessories:

When purchasing hinges, slide rails, locks, and hinges, you should open and close and push and pull several times during purchase to see if the slidability is smooth.

Ordinary hinges can be opened and closed and pulled several times during purchase to feel flexibility and firmness. When purchasing the slide rails, check the rail material, try to pull the slide rails, and see the pull strength and stability.

Doors and windows and fittings must meet the design requirements, and the products of the fittings must conform to the national standards; the floor springs of the doors should be stainless steel or copper. Before being officially installed, the front and rear left and right opening and closing speeds should be adjusted to facilitate the use. The hydraulic part should not leak oil, and the door lock should also be a double-sided safety lock.

What are the furniture hardware accessories, and the related content of the furniture hardware accessories, Xiaobian will tell you here. Furniture hardware accessories can not only submit the high-grade home life of modern people, but also play the role of decoration, beautify the family environment, and play a role of security protection. The owners of the renovated house need to purchase the door and window hardware accessories very much. Attention. However, Xiao Bian wants to remind everyone that when we buy furniture hardware accessories, we must pay attention to check whether the accessories meet the standards.

Editor in charge: Liu Jiehui

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