Future energy-saving technologies and features of gear pumps

The development of society, the increase of population, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and now people are enjoying the interest brought by life, but such development has brought tremendous pressure on China's energy, so energy conservation leaves in our hearts. I was deeply impressed and everyone is looking for sustainable development. Like the early gear pumps are all hydraulic, due to the need for environmental protection and energy saving, as well as the mature application and price of servo motors, the number of all-electric precision gear pumps has increased in recent years, in order to analyze this development. Trends, I will list the comparative features:

1. The all-hydraulic gear pump has many unique advantages in molding precision and complex shapes. It has evolved from the traditional single-cylinder liquid-filled and multi-cylinder liquid-filled type to the current two-plate direct-pressure type, in which two plates are used. The direct pressure type is the most representative, but its control technology is difficult, the machining precision is high, and the hydraulic technology is difficult to master.

2. All-electric gear pump has a series of advantages, especially in terms of environmental protection and energy saving. It is reported that the current advanced all-electric gear pump can achieve 70% power saving, and the accuracy of injection control using servo motor is better. High, the speed is also stable, and can be adjusted in multiple stages. However, the all-electric gear pump is not as good as the full-hydraulic gear pump in terms of service life, and the full-hydraulic gear pump must use a servo valve with closed-loop control to ensure accuracy, and the servo valve is expensive and brings about an increase in cost.

3. Electric-hydraulic gear pump is a new gear pump integrating hydraulic and electric drive. It combines the high-performance and all-electric energy-saving advantages of full-hydraulic gear pump. This electric-hydraulic combined composite Gear pumps have become the development direction of gear pump technology.

In the cost structure of injection molding products, electricity costs account for a considerable proportion. According to the requirements of the gear pump equipment process, the power consumption of the gear pump oil pump motor accounts for 50%-65% of the total power consumption of the equipment, which is extremely energy-saving potential. The all-electric injection machine has inherent advantages in energy saving effect, but as mentioned above, the manufacturing cost of this type of machine is high, which limits its application range; at the same time, its technology development is difficult, and currently the field is almost It is monopolized by Japanese companies. Although China's Haitai, Donghua and other plastic machine companies have launched self-developed all-electric injection machines, the technical reliability of their products remains to be tested by the market. The author believes that in a short period of time, domestic all-electric presses are difficult to compete with Japanese equipment.

The introduction of energy-saving technologies on general-purpose injection machines to develop energy-saving injection machines is also an important trend in the development of current international and domestic injection machine skills and technologies. Such technologies mainly include variable frequency energy-saving type, variable pump energy-saving type and servo control energy-saving type, and the energy-saving effect can also reach a range of 30 to 70%.

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Label: Future energy-saving technologies and features of gear pumps

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