Garage Electric Door Introduction Garage Electric Door Price

Introduction to garage door

The garage electric door is an automatic door that can control the opening and closing of the garage door by means of wireless remote control, induction, manual switch control and the like.

The garage electric door can be divided into two categories: roller shutter garage door and flap garage door. Shutter automatic garage doors can be divided into aluminum shutter doors, steel foam shutter doors, fire shutter doors, wind shutter doors and so on. The skateboard garage automatic doors can be divided into solid wood board skateboard garage doors and color steel plate skateboard garage doors.

Garage electric door control system

There is a photoelectric sensor inside and outside the garage door to detect if there is a car passing through. When there is a car to enter the garage, the sensor outside the door detects that there is a car and the door opens automatically. When the door is opened to the upper limit point, the door opening process ends. After the car enters the garage, it begins to close when the door sensor detects that the car has passed. When the lower limit is reached, the closing process ends. When the car is going out of the garage, the sensor in the door detects that there is a car approaching and the garage door is open. When the door is open to the upper limit, the door opening process is over. When the car is out of the garage, when the sensor outside the door detects that the car is open After exiting the garage, it begins to close. When the door hits the lower limit, the door opens.

Garage electric door repair

1. The initial investigation and understanding of self

First of all, we must understand the use of the garage door when the fault occurred and the previous maintenance status, understand the detailed fault phenomenon and the use of software and hardware environment in the event of a fault to remedy the disease. In addition, before the maintenance of the garage door, it should also be clear about the hardware and software configuration and the service life of the garage door.

2 outside the machine, after the machine

Should first check the external parts of the garage door power department, especially outside the machine some switches, sockets have no open circuit, short circuit phenomenon. When it is confirmed that the parts outside the machine are normal, perform other tests.

3. Contact the maintenance after confirming the cause of the fault

Contact professional garage door manufacturers or professional maintenance personnel in time.

Garage electric door price

The introduction of garage door information is here, I hope to help you.

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