General protective measures for rebar and reinforcement

Rebar (According to: 1786 - 1985)
As pre-stressed steel rods provide the threads of the lugs, ribs or deformed surfaces, these threads reduce the slippage between the concrete and the two materials. Prestressed steel stress and low carbon steel threads. These threads can be used without hooks. Large deformations should be evenly spaced along the thread. Limit the cracks that may occur in the mild steel reinforced bars due to the tensile loads under the threads. These threaded parts are produced from 6 mm - 50 mm. In addition to the strength of the deformed bar, the calculation should be 40-80% higher than the normal nominal size of the round block. It has more of the same nominal dimensions as normal round bar tensile stress. Cold twisted (rib or rebar) threads are recommended for engineers working on high-quality reinforced building structures.

General protective measures for the rolling of rebar and reinforced steel in Chongqing Steel Mould Factory:
Rebar is clear and oil or other coatings may damage or reduce the strength of the steel.
Rebar storage should avoid deformation and corrosion to prevent deterioration.
Steel bars should not clean oily substances to remove rust.
The bar is bent correctly and accurately in size and shape as shown on the drawing.
If possible, use full length reinforcement.
Do not touch the overlapping reinforcements. These should be kept separate from the concrete.
If staggered should overlap.
Need to cover reinforcing steel in cement concrete.

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