High pesticide utilization rate of target

Scientific use of pesticides to control crop diseases, pests and weeds is one of the important means to ensure high quality, high yield and high efficiency of agricultural production. However, due to the fact that most of the rural areas in China are scattered pesticides, the use of medicines and technologies is very backward, resulting in a large amount of waste of pesticides, leading to a series of problems such as human and animal poisoning, crop phytotoxicity, drug resistance and environmental pollution. , causing great losses to agricultural production and people's lives. In response to this problem, after years of research, Chinese scientists have created the theory and application of "pesticide-to-target spraying". Practice has proved that the effect is very obvious. Several advanced new techniques for pesticide application are presented below:

First, low-volume spray technology

Low-volume spray technology refers to the use of a small amount of pesticide stock solution diluted with water per unit area, and the water consumption is equivalent to 1/5~1/10 of the conventional spray technology. This technology is very simple to use, just replace the large aperture spray of a conventional spray machine with a small aperture spray with a diameter of 0.3 mm. The use of this technology can greatly improve the efficiency of work, reduce the loss of pesticides, save a lot of water, significantly improve the control effect, and effectively overcome the wet damage caused by conventional spray to the greenhouse. This technology, especially suitable for greenhouse and water-scarce mountain applications, is very popular among farmers.

Second, electrostatic spray technology

The electrostatic spray technology is to install a high-voltage static electricity generating device on the spraying machine. The high-pressure static electricity generating device is used to increase the deposition amount of the sprayed liquid droplets on the surface of the crop blade, and the effective utilization rate of the pesticide can reach 90%. Thus, a large number of pesticides are prevented from entering the farmland soil and the atmospheric environment ineffectively.

Third, "pill granulation" application technology

The “Pelletizing” application technique is applicable to paddy fields. For the water-soluble pesticides used in paddy fields, the "pelletization" application technique works well. Simply apply the processed pills evenly to the farmland, which can increase the work efficiency by more than ten times than the conventional application method, and there is no pesticide drift phenomenon, which effectively prevents the crop stems and leaves from being damaged, and does not pollute the adjacent ones. crop.

Fourth, circulating spray technology

The circulating spray technology is designed to retrofit a conventional sprayer with a drug return device on the opposite side of the spray component. Collecting the liquid that has not deposited on the target plant and pumping it back into the medicine box can recycle the pesticide, which can greatly improve the effective utilization rate of the pesticide and avoid the inefficient loss of the pesticide.

Five, medicine roller smearing technology

The roller application technique is mainly suitable for the prevention and control of systemic herbicides. The liquid medicine is oozing out from the surface of the medicine roll by a medicine roller (a type of medicine overflowing made of a foam material capable of absorbing the liquid medicine), and the medicine roller only needs to contact the blade of the upper part of the weed to be effective. This method of application can almost completely apply the agent to the surface of the target plant, and there is no leakage or dripping of the drug solution, and the utilization rate of the pesticide can reach 100%.

Six, electronic computer application technology

It has been widely promoted and used in developed countries such as the United States. The technology uses an electronic computer control system for an orchard sprayer that determines the shape of the fruit tree by an ultrasonic sensor so that the pesticide spray characteristics are automatically adjusted based on changes in the shape of the fruit tree. The electronic computer control system is used for pesticide application, which can greatly improve the operation efficiency and the effective utilization rate of pesticides. The emergence of this new technology represents the development direction of pesticide use technology. At present, some scientific research departments and production units in China have already applied and achieved good results.

The above several new techniques of application not only have good control effect and high work efficiency, but also greatly reduce the amount of pesticides used. They not only protect the ecological environment, but also show great economic, ecological and social benefits. They have broad application prospects. It is worthwhile to promote and apply according to local conditions.

Source: Gansu Farmers Daily
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