Home improvement package name is fascinating and eye-catching: don't blindly choose

The home improvement industry is welcoming the "package era." Following the great attention paid by Xiaomi's home improvement in the industry at the beginning of this year, not only "Internet home improvement" companies have been born, but also various styles of home improvement packages have emerged. Recently, even the peak of the traditional decorative enterprise industry, which has never played the “package”, has launched the “all-environmental decoration package”.

In the face of these home-made packages that have been playing the Internet banner and have a lot of names, do consumers who want to move into a new home feel that they are messy? In this regard, the industry reminds that consumers are easily attracted by various concepts in their choice of home decoration. In fact, the money spent is still spent, and cannot be blindly chosen. At the same time, we must pay attention to the offline experience, no matter what kind of package first look at the brand and service, the right is the best.

Home improvement standard package into a trend?

This year, since Xiaomi’s “Love Space” released the “699” package and “Internet Home Improvement”, the home-style package-style service has continued to heat up and the topic has continued.

According to the data, in just over half a year, there are more than ten kinds of home improvement packages emerging in the Beijing home improvement market, and the variety is varied and the selling points are different. In summary, it can be divided into the following types.

Low price. Qijia pushed the overall home improvement platform, the first batch of 12 home improvement packages, the price ranged from 399 yuan to 1799 yuan.

Patterns. At present, the decoration has launched the “1+N Bureau of Rubik's Cube” package, which claims to cover “local space decoration”, “partial project decoration” and “partial product decoration”.

Arbitrarily loaded. Chuang Decoration launched the Internet product 688 yuan / square meter of optional equipment, and specifically built the offline experience hall; Tiansheng decoration push 599 yuan / square meter package, claiming how to install how to install.

Quickly loaded. The first move after the decoration and restructuring was to launch the 599 yuan / square meter fast house package, the construction period is only 15 days.

Zero profit. Haier has a network that also claims to provide a "zero profit" home improvement program, the first product "various change" 599 yuan / square meter.

Environmentally friendly equipment. The industry's peak decoration launched the Novartis environmental protection package, which is divided into two types: 999 yuan/square meter light luxury and 1299 yuan/square meter.

Basic equipment. Internet company purple potato home improvement, the main construction of water and electricity, 216 yuan / square meter.

Industry: serious homogenization

So, are these standardized home improvement products in the form of packages a general trend or just marketing hype? Can consumers buy or not buy?

In this regard, the industry believes that the target customers of the Internet home improvement company are basically just need and improve, the product direction is package type, there is no problem in this direction. However, the current package and the traditional package are homogenized seriously, and there is no essential difference between them. The only difference is the marketing method.

But in practice, consumers find that the fatal shortcoming of standardized home improvement is that there are fewer optional materials and they are the most basic ones. It is only suitable for the peace of mind and the requirements for decoration are not high. In addition, for some newly established Internet home improvement companies, insufficient capacity is also a big problem.

Dai Jiangping, president of Beijing Modern Decoration, said in an interview with People's Daily that this model is simple and convenient, easy to imitate, and can be said to be a product of the Internet era.

“Standardized home improvement is the trend of the times.” Cui Yinglei, the brand director of Dongyi Risheng, believes that consumers' choices are often more easily attracted by direct concepts, and there is a lot of blind behavior. The future trend will be from complex consumer behavior to simple consumer behavior. .

Reminder: The money spent is still spent

Chen Hui, chairman of Dongyi Risheng, said in an interview with People's Daily that it is right for enterprises to standardize to reduce costs and improve efficiency. However, because of the standardization, the number of such products is not enough. For enterprises, in the low-end market, it is necessary to develop standardization, but for customers, the final reception must be to bring their personalized products.

Dong Zhiyong, the manager of the decoration marketing department at present, believes that for the home improvement industry, designers rely on design, workers rely on selling technology to survive, and materials suppliers must always have profits. Therefore, consumers should maintain a normal heart on the choice of home decoration, whether it is 699 package or 999 package, do not blindly choose, the money is still spent.

He suggested that no matter what kind of package, first look at the service, look at the material brand, look at the decoration company brand, the most important thing is a thoughtful designer, a professional and high-quality project manager with a good supervision platform. Others are secondary.

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