How many things to knock on the wall?

In the actual decoration, many owners are not satisfied with the new house structure, so they will carry out the transformation of the main body of the house. Wall knocking is an important step in the transformation of the main body. The knock on the wall may seem simple, but there is a lot of implicit knowledge, so the owners often hire professional teachers to help knock the wall. How much money does it cost to hit a wall? What are the precautions for knocking on the wall? The following Xiaobian will share these questions with you and look forward to helping friends in need.

How much money a wall knocks

As for how much money a square has to knock against a wall , this question is difficult to answer. Therefore, there is no unified charging standard on the market, and the cost of knocking on the wall is also affected by local wages. Judging from the current market, there are mainly the following types of wall knocking methods:

1. The thickness of the wall in each person's home is different, and the cost of knocking on the wall is different. Now there are two types of common wall thickness, namely 12cm and 24cm. The price of the wall knocked by the former is around 25 yuan/ping. The wall knocking price is not less than RMB 30/ping;

2. The unit price of knocking on the wall is related to the area of ​​the wall in your home. If your home needs a large wall area, the unit price of knocking on the wall will be cheaper, and the small area price will reach 30 to 35 yuan per square meter.

3. If you think that the above pricing method is too complicated, you can also choose to turn to all-inclusive packages, which means that you will wrap all the wall-shrinking projects to the professional masters, but it's best to measure the area in advance and be aware of them. About 10 levels, according to 30 yuan that is 300 yuan, according to this number to bargain.

The three major issues that must be noticed when hitting the wall—the bearing wall is not removable

Everyone knows that bearing walls cannot be knocked on. However, there are always people who make mistakes in the actual decoration. The reason is that owners often do not understand which walls are bearing walls. The bearing wall refers to a wall with no pre-made ring beams on the wall. Its thickness is thicker than non-load-bearing walls, generally it is usually 24 cm, and non-bearing walls are 10 to 15 cm. The demolition of the load-bearing wall can easily affect the structural safety of the house. Therefore, before the main body is reconstructed, everyone should carefully check the construction plan and consult relevant professionals.

Three things that must be noticed when knocking on the wall—Do not knock on the wall of the balcony

In the actual decoration, some owners have removed the wall of the docked balcony in order to obtain better light. This is very dangerous. This is because this wall is a load-bearing wall and it is risky to open a window on it. If there is a window on the wall, it can only be knocked out of the window, and the wall below the window cannot be knocked on. This is because this wall is a "weight wall" and it is used to lift the balcony. The effect, after being dismantled, will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony, and it will also easily cause the balcony to fall.

The three major issues that must be noticed when hitting the wall—the top beam cannot be removed

At present, some houses have beams at the top. Some owners think that these beams are not beautiful, and they are not good for home feng shui, so they remove the beams. This is an extremely wrong practice, and it is easy to cause the upper floors to fall. We can use ceilings to hide the beams during the renovation, which is beautiful and solves the problem.

The above is about how much money a wall is knocked against the wall and the three major issues that must be noticed when knocking on the wall are related to sharing and giving everyone a reference! To ensure the structural safety of the house, it is best for you to hire a professional chef to help knock the wall! There are more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, later will bring more exciting content for everyone.

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