How to Apply Network Clients to Home

How to Apply Network Clients to Home

What is the most important thing about online marketing? Is the network? Is marketing? Is technology? How do coating companies do network marketing? The answers vary. What I want to tell you is marketing. The internet is just a medium. Marketing is the core. So how to market? Following Jiuzheng Building Materials Network together to see how the Internet marketing users "wandering home".

So how do coating companies market? Marketing is the heart-to-heart interaction between marketers and customers. The highest level of marketing is not to "push" paint products, but to let users "love you" and is willing to follow you. It can be said that marketing is a psychological game, who can control the customer's heart, activate the customer's heart, who can become the king of marketing!

Almost every marketing expert is a psychologist and has a certain level of psychological research on customers. The most important point of marketing is to establish a sense of trust. The premise of building a sense of trust is to study the customer's psychology, understand the true thoughts and cravings of the customer's psychology, and then solve the customer's problems to meet the customer's needs to achieve the purpose of the transaction. Marketing success is to come out of the rejection. What is the real reason for the customer's rejection? To find the true resistance of the customer needs to understand the customer's psychology.

Instead of unilaterally marketing paint products to customers, marketers can help customers purchase paint products from a customer's standpoint. His words and deeds conveyed to the customer such a message: he is in the interests of the customer, not the wallet that he wants to empty the customer. To achieve this kind of realm, blindly marketing and selling is not enough, and we should also seriously consider the customer's mentality. Understand the customer's preferences and needs, they found the starting point of the attack.

Today, we share with you the top five marketing tips for customers to “go home”:

1. Describe the true desire of the other person

If you don't know what the other person wants and what the other person's desire is, it is difficult for you to successfully market him. However, even if you know this, you can't describe it with accurate and powerful language, and you can't start the other person's desire to buy.

There are three steps in the psychological process of a deal:

The first step to enter the other's world (depicting the customer's heart);

The second step is to bring customers to the edge of his world (to guide customers);

The third step is to bring customers into your world (realize marketing).

In fact, the "consultative marketing" and "marketing coaching techniques" that have become popular in recent years are all triggered by this article. The key to this is precisely the first step - describing each other's desires and visions in an accurate language to enter the other's world.

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