How to decorate a house decorating a house seven steps

How to decorate the house ? In this issue of decorating the house, many people will give it to the home improvement company. But now there are many fraudulent companies on the market, and it's easy to be taken care of. Therefore, although it is not possible to do it personally, at least it is necessary to understand the basic flow of house decoration and matters needing attention, and hand it over to a formal home improvement company. So how do you decorate your house ? Today Xiao Bian gave you the seven steps you need to pay attention to in your house renovation.

How to decorate a house decorating a house seven steps

How to decorate the house first step

Accept the house, take the key, make use of the network resources as much as possible, free resources, and ask professionals to check the house.

How to decorate the house in the second step

Choose a decoration company, but also make use of network resources as much as possible. Find a good-looking decoration company on the Internet. Use intangible media such as the Internet to constrain them. Examine more sites for decoration, and examine the site not only for the final perception projects. It depends on the quality of the construction process, especially the quality of water and electricity concealment projects, whether the construction is standardized, and whether site management is in place. Each small detail is used to measure the quality and level of the decoration company and construction foremen and workers.

How to decorate the house in the third step

The design plan and decoration construction contract are key steps. Before this, you can visit the showrooms in the real estate, look at the decoration magazines, and look at pictures taken by netizens in the forum. Go to the building materials market and the furniture city. To find something you like, the idea must be clear, know what kind of style you like, what kind of style you don't like, you can't look at it, you can't look at it, and you can't watch it. This time is the most difficult time. Having determined your favorite style, you can discuss your ideas with the designer, go to the construction site, tell your designer your ideas, and let them provide you with advice on color matching, so that the designer can use your rendering Show it. The design drawings are as accurate and detailed as possible. The renderings directly determine your decoration budget and determine the direction of construction of your decoration process. The so-called sharpening of the knife does not mistakenly cut the firewood, and the preparation work must be done well. The work behind can be a matter of course.

When you sign a construction contract, you should take into account as much as possible what you can think of. It is best not to have items and additions. There will not be too many additions to your decoration budget during the renovation process, which will affect your mood and funding. turnover. The signing of the contract requires review of the quantity of work, as well as the pricing units. The most important thing is the construction process flow, as well as the materials used, whether it is worth the money.

How to decorate the house the fourth step

Hydropower construction and hydropower reform are major issues. Once problems arise, they are not minor problems. They are hidden projects and must be of good quality. The acceptance of hydropower reform is also a key event. The water reform must be subject to pressure tests. Now, apartment-style residences are equipped with hot water, cold water, reclaimed water, and direct drinking water. The pressure test for each pipe line must not be less. Electricity must be tested with professional instrumentation. One cannot be less. Try to kill the problem in the cradle.

How to decorate the house in the fifth step

Construction process management and construction process management have three major priorities: material acceptance, construction process, and construction quality. The first two items are closely related to the construction contract. Therefore, after signing the decoration construction contract and not putting the contract aside, after the completion of the hydropower reform, a large area of ​​construction will begin. Most of the dressings and main materials will enter the field in large quantities. Don't forget to take out the contract. The type, brand, specification, and model of the material entering the site are the same as the contract. It is best that the person who sent the material issues the product certificate or test report for the material. Each area has building materials. Testing center or building materials testing laboratory, as well as national building materials testing center, of course, the larger the testing unit, the more authoritative, the test report stated whether the various indicators of the material meet the industry's regulations and standards, such as large The core board (ie blockboard), to test the tensile strength, compressive strength of the board itself, as well as whether the amount of formaldehyde released from the wood conforms to the standard, etc. The test report of the tile will detect the dimensional deviation, radioactivity, and slip resistance of the tile. , Compressive strength and other 11 performance tests.

In addition to acceptance materials, it depends on whether the construction process is the same as that written on the contract. Is there any cutting-edge materials and construction quality? In the middle period of construction, people who are knowledgeable should take a good look at it.

In addition to hydropower reform is a major event, there are waterproof projects are also major events, is a hidden project, in the toilet tiles before the toilet must be filled with water storage test, waterproof can not be missed before tiling.

During the construction process, you can use the free time to check whether the actual amount of work is consistent with the contract.

During the construction process, it is inevitable to deal with the foreman and the workers, and to deal with the workers with peace of mind, we must treat each other frankly. I believe there are many good people in this world. Do not think of people too badly, nor can we not guard against them.

How to decorate the house in the sixth step

Non-renovation company's project: installation project. In addition to the decoration company's projects, there are installations such as aluminum ceilings, doors, floors, cabinets, sanitary ware, lamps, stoves, and smoke machines. These projects are also a major project, and these projects must be well-controlled, with many decisive factors, in addition to the products themselves. The quality, performance, and construction conditions, the quality of the house itself, the quality of installation, and after-sales services affect many of these non-decoration companies' installation projects.

Regarding the installation project, to put it plainly is a problem of coordination and construction process interspersed with, all aspects are coordinated, the order is clear, and the decoration is smooth. Since there are so many factors influencing, it will inevitably lead to problems of large and small scales. If problems arise, we must calmly and calmly solve them, or coordinate, find businesses to solve, and behave in a correct manner. If we can't move, we get angry and get angry. Things get stuck. The problem is not solved. Even if you are exposed, those untrustworthy businesses may already be dead pigs who are not afraid of boiling water, so it is of no avail. So try to encourage and help solve it, instead of having a problem and get angry.

How to decorate house the seventh step

Acceptance and cleaning of the construction process after grasping well, there is basically no big problem behind, find a knowledgeable professional personnel to check it out, and finally calculate the accounts, or to see the contract, how to pay, the warranty period must be clear.

The above seven steps on how to decorate a house and decorate a house are briefly introduced here. We hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Steps to decorate the house

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