How to extend the life of wall clothing

Wall clothing as a new type of environmental protection decoration materials has gradually been recognized by people. Nowadays, there are many types of wall clothing brands. What skills do we use when selecting wall clothing? Generally, the life of high quality wall clothing is relatively long. However, if it is not properly maintained, it will also affect the life of the wall clothing. Then what kind of maintenance methods can extend the life of the wall clothing? Next Xiao Bian will simply introduce to you how to extend the life of the wall clothing and the choice of wall clothing. skill.

First, how to extend the life of wall clothing

1. Wall coats are divided into two kinds: ecological wall clothing and ordinary wall clothing. In general, the service life of ecological wall clothing is more than 20 years. In principle, if there is no problem with the wall, then there is no problem with the ecological wall clothing; Although the service life of the ordinary wall clothing is also 20 years, its fading is faster than that of the ecological wall clothing; if the quality of the wall clothing is relatively poor, then its service life is only a few short years. To extend the service life of wall clothing we can choose high quality wall clothing products.

2. After we complete the construction of the wall clothing in the room, the wall clothing will have different degrees of aging due to the problems of humidity, temperature, oxidation, etc., so we try to ensure the stability of the indoor temperature in daily life. Also open the windows regularly for ventilation.

3. When we clean up our wall clothes, do not use chemical cleaners for cleaning. Just use a vacuum cleaner to do the treatment. If there are stains on the wall clothes, we must clean it immediately. If the wall clothes have scratches We can gently clean the cloth with chlorine bleach. If the stain cannot be cleaned, we can only soften it with hot water and peel it off. Then reapply it.

Second, the choice of wall clothing skills

1, according to the interior decoration style to choose

Today, there are many styles of wall clothing, in the face of a dazzling array of products we will inevitably pick flowers, when we choose a wall clothing, we must first understand the interior decoration style, in accordance with their style and personal preferences. For different spaces, the style of wall clothing is also different, for example, the living room can choose soft and simple style.

2, material

Nowadays, the material of wall clothing is also varied. They have their own advantages. For example, although the wall clothing of plant fiber and cotton fiber material is relatively green, the wall clothing of cotton fiber has better air permeability and bamboo fiber wall clothing. It is more robust and durable.

3, see the package inspection report

When we purchase products, it is best to choose a wall-cover product with good color and good visual effect, and pay attention to whether the manufacturer's product information on the product packaging is complete, whether there is product inspection report, whether the brand merchant has a power of attorney and other information.

Xiao Bian concludes: On the issue of how to extend the life span of wall coverings and the selection techniques for wall clothing Xiao Bian introduced here, I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help.

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