Huaxia Yipin Hongmu won the top ten boutiques of Dongyang woodcarving and mahogany furniture

On the morning of November 8, 2015, the opening ceremony of the 10th China (Dongyang) Woodcarving Bamboo Crafts Art Fair (hereinafter referred to as “East Expo”) was held. At the same time, the 2015 Dongyang City Woodcarving and Redwood Furniture Top Ten Awards Ceremony was held at the opening ceremony.

Huaxia Yipin 's work “Talosaur Arhat Bed” is well-known on the list and has received great attention. Dongyang has more than 3,000 mahogany furniture enterprises. Therefore, it is a very glorious thing for enterprises to obtain the top ten wood carvings and mahogany furniture of Dongyang City, because it is a typical representative of Dongyang woodcarving and mahogany furniture. As a result, companies have struggled and spent a lot of manpower and resources to produce quality furniture.

It is reported that as early as September this year, "Talosaur Arhat Bed" won the "East Dream" award in the 2015 China Redwood Furniture Awards. The "Bamboo Carving Arhat Bed" won another grand prize, indicating that Huaxia Yipin has been greatly improved in product development and production. "To be a production company must be the product first. Since I established Huaxia Yipin, my focus has always been on quality, so I have been recognized by many dealers and customers, and my reputation has been greatly spread." Huaxia Yipin General Manager Zhang Tuo told reporters that this is the main reason why Huaxia's works have won many awards. "Huaxia Yipin works can stand out from the crowd. This is the biggest affirmation for us. In the future, we will continue to work hard and create new achievements." Zhang Tuo said.

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