Hungary develops "plastic concrete"

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How to deal with plastic waste is a huge problem in the world. Most of the waste produced by humans is landfilled or incinerated, and only 9% can be recycled.

Hungary develops "plastic concrete"

Hungary develops "plastic concrete"

Hungary's latest invention patents can make non-recyclable or difficult-to-process plastic waste into concrete, which can be used on many construction sites. This technology eliminates the need to recycle plastic or other waste, and requires only two things: a grinder and a glue-like additive to make plastic waste into concrete.

First, the plastic waste is ground and then added with Hungarian-developed additives to mix tiny plastic particles with cement and water to form concrete. This special additive binds cement and powder plastic waste together.

This "plastic concrete" can replace traditional building materials, and the plastic particles make it more flexible in use than traditional concrete. According to the inventor's introduction, it is best suited for the construction of highways and sidewalks.

Hungary Masuko Co., Ltd. obtained the invention patent for the project. This technology is a good choice for countries that are particularly affected by plastic pollution, such as China, India and Chile, especially for handling floating plastic waste that causes serious problems in the ocean.

The method of implementation of this patent is simple, and does not require much other materials and equipment other than grinders, plastic waste and additives. Waste can be used to produce “plastic concrete” as long as it can be ground to about 10 mm. Wastes that have been tried have scrapped car parts, glass, any kind of plastic (unclean, unclassified) )Wait.

This technical invention can provide a method of reusing plastic waste. It's simple, low-cost, and it can also help with large amounts of waste while building materials.

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