Jin Qi shelling: manufacturers to avoid poor quality three bags

The newspaper of Qingdao reported on June 17 that the use of sofas had broken springs and broken shelves in less than two months. Businessmen refused to perform their statutory “Three Guarantees” obligations on the grounds of site changes and personnel changes. Helplessly, Mr. Huang, a citizen of Qingdao, complained to Shaoshan Consumers Association. After eliminating the harmonization, the manufacturer replaced a new sofa for Mr. Huang for free.

Mr. Huang reflected that on March 18 this year, he purchased a four-seat sofa at a furniture factory in Sheshan. After more than a month of use, Mr. Huang felt a bit uncomfortable when he sat up. At that time, he suspected that the individual springs were broken. They did not particularly care because they had little effect. On May 10, Mr. Huang’s relatives took the children to play. When the 6-year-old boy was playing on the sofa, he only heard a “bang” and the stainless steel sofa bracket suddenly broke. The next day, Mr. Huang rushed to the factory to seek a solution and found that the factory had moved. The new site may be in Zhangcun. Mr. Huang spent a lot of setbacks and finally contacted the manufacturer's maintenance staff. But the maintenance staff said that because the factory had been relocated and the personnel had been changed, the quality of the sofa could not be handled by Mr. Huang.

After being accepted by the association staff, after investigation and verification, the furniture factory was an individual industrial and commercial household. The original registration place was in the village of China and Korea. Although the factory site has been relocated to Zhangcun, the responsible person has not changed but the internal staff has done the same. Big adjustment. Consumers Association staff believe that, according to relevant regulations, manufacturers "Three Guarantees" responsibility does not disappear due to the change of business address, manufacturers should continue to perform "Three Guarantees" obligations. After mediation, the two parties reached an agreement that the manufacturer should replace Mr. Huang for free with a new sofa of the same specification and model. The sofa's “three guarantees” period will be recalculated from the date of replacement.

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