Li Keqiang: To use the advanced standards to force the "Made in China" upgrade

Abstract "We want to fight a 'tough battle' in manufacturing, and use advanced standards to force the 'Made in China' upgrade." Premier Li Keqiang at the State Council executive meeting on April 6...
"We have to fight a 'tough battle' in the manufacturing industry and use the advanced standards to force the 'Made in China' upgrade." Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on April 6.
The meeting decided to implement the "Standardization and Quality Improvement Plan for Equipment Manufacturing Industry". Li Keqiang said that adhering to standard leadership and building a manufacturing power is an important part of structural reforms, especially supply-side structural reforms. It is conducive to improving supply, expanding demand, and promoting the product industry to move toward the middle and high end.
He stressed: "To boost consumers' confidence in 'Made in China', support the manufacturing industry to improve quality and efficiency, and enhance international competitiveness."
Give play to the market and boost consumers' confidence in "Made in China"
The issue on the day was originally focused on “improving manufacturing standards”. Premier Li Keqiang explicitly requested that the word "quality" be added to the title of the document.
“Standards and product quality are closely linked. We must build high-quality products and build strong manufacturing countries. We must have advanced standards as support. In turn, we promote the standardization of equipment manufacturing industry, and also to improve the quality of consumer products and expand domestic and international markets. The Prime Minister explained the relationship between the two.
Li Keqiang said that China is currently a big manufacturing country, but it is not a manufacturing power. One of the most important reasons is that our standards are still relatively backward, and the quality of many products is still at the low end.
"Now many people go abroad to buy things, cross-border e-commerce is also a large number of imported foreign consumer goods." The Prime Minister said, "We must aim at international advanced standards, play a role in the market, boost consumers' confidence in 'Made in China' and support The manufacturing industry improves quality and enhances international competitiveness."
Li Keqiang requested that relevant departments should further raise the standard level, gradually integrate with the international market, accelerate the development of key technical standards, accelerate the updating of standards, and promote technological and product innovation.
He stressed that we must continue to expand openness, so that consumers have more choices, and then force the "Made in China" upgrade, the ultimate goal is to encourage domestic manufacturing, develop and grow according to standards that are more in line with market demand, and create more employment. Posts help the country to develop for a long time.
The needs of ordinary people are becoming more and more diversified, and the level is getting higher and higher. The government's management must also keep up with it.
A minister said in the discussion that some innovators and entrepreneurs said that they have developed new products, but they have no access to the market because they do not have corresponding product standards. Li Keqiang explicitly requested that the equipment manufacturing industry standards and quality improvement should first improve the government management methods and adopt new methods to allow consumers to choose independently.
"Do not list the 'catalog' of industrial consumer goods, which will raise the threshold for innovative and entrepreneurial products to enter the market!" Li Keqiang said, "to adopt a negative list management approach, in addition to harming personal safety, national security and life and health. Setting mandatory standards requires enforcement and strict control, and other aspects must make the market more effective."
He emphasized that the government needs an innovative management model and shifts its energy from “setting thresholds” to “providing services” to guide more enterprises to adopt advanced standards, adapt to market demands, and promote the upgrading and development of the entire manufacturing industry.
"Now the needs of the people are becoming more diverse and the level is getting higher and higher, and the management of the government must keep up with it!" said the Prime Minister.
Unblock the innovative thinking and cultivate the "artisan spirit"
Li Keqiang talked about his experience of visiting a European company nearly 20 years ago: the magnesium strips cast by a skilled worker were even and thin, and there was no gap.
"The machine didn't do well with him!" When talking about the scene at the time, the Prime Minister repeatedly lamented. "More importantly, the general manager of this company told me that the worker's income is as much as his own income. This is The biggest incentive for 'artisan spirit'!"
Li Keqiang further stressed that the equipment manufacturing industry must not only improve standards and quality, but also fundamentally remove the shackles of innovative thinking and cultivate the "artisan spirit" of excellence.
"The government must clarify its responsibilities: on the one hand, it must abide by the fake and shoddy, and abduct the 'death death' to create a market environment of fair competition; on the other hand, it must promote the spirit of artisans, pursue excellence, produce more creative, superior quality, and The products welcomed by the masses make the manufacturing industry flourish."
It is necessary to use the choice of consumers to force the upgrading of industrial consumer goods and the upgrade of “Made in China”.
While discussing the improvement of the standard quality of the equipment manufacturing industry, Li Keqiang also explicitly asked the relevant departments to come up with a quality standard improvement plan for mass consumer goods as soon as possible.
"In the past, our industrial system was to set the production equipment first, and then 'what do I buy what you buy?' But now the people's consumer demand is more and more diverse, and the requirements for the quality and standards of consumer goods are getting higher and higher. The manufacturing industry is increasingly transforming into a customized and personalized way,” the Prime Minister said.
He said that in the planned economy era, we and some countries have experienced the history of "developing heavy industry and not buying light industrial products." In today's Internet age, we can no longer take such an "old road."
"'Made in China 2025' can't just engage in equipment manufacturing, but use consumer choices to force industrial consumer goods upgrades and 'Made in China' upgrades.

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