N reasons to choose silk quilts

Reason 1: In the process of forming natural things, farmers can not use all kinds of pesticides, because silkworms are very fragile, they don’t eat leaves when they are wrong, or they don’t spit in the end. I once heard that a farmer Last year's rice stalks were used for silkworm silkworms, because they forgot that they had sprinkled herbicides on rice, causing all silkworms to not spit.

Reason two. It is a traditional thing.

Three holes are quilted, four holes are quilted, seven holes are quilted, and N holes have been popular for some time. Why can't it be done now? Popularity can only occupy a period of time, and tradition has been continuing. The Compendium of Materia Medica is a good thing. Spreading down, silk is also a good thing, it will continue to spread.

Reason three, non-flammable

Mulberry silk is an animal protein. When the fire is ignited, it will burn. When it leaves, it will be extinguished. Other fibers will not. Like cotton, duck feathers, three holes, and four-hole cotton, it will only burn more and more.

Reason four, feel comfortable

The silk is very soft and smooth. When you touch the silk with the two hands, you can fully feel the characteristics of the silk. When you put the silk on the body, it is very comfortable.

Reason 5, environmental protection

Silk is an animal protein. When silk is not used, it can be decomposed by nature. Many people say that Amway's things are very good. I think this silk is the wealth that nature gives us.

Reason six. No chemicals and residues

I just said that mulberry silk is not allowed to use chemical drugs during the growth process. The silkworm does not need to use any chemicals in the process of making silk quilts. Unlike tussah silk, tussah silk, growing in the north, the natural color is tan. , there are more impurities) _ In the production process, a large amount of chemicals will be used to make the silk white and bright. It must be treated with chemicals like wool and duck feathers. It can be sold as a commodity. Otherwise, I will not accept anyone who accepts it. of.

Reason seven, no various pathogens

Nature, chickens, ducks, pigs, pigs, and other animals have diseases, but if they threaten people, everyone will be very nervous. Like the bird flu in previous years, it is very worrying. The animal’s hair is clean and worthy. We discuss.

Reasons for the support of the eight governments

The government strongly supports the eastward migration of the west, and now Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places have begun to plant large-scale mulberry seedlings, providing a larger supply of mulberry silk. Later, more and more mulberry silk, we can also like it. The use of mulberry silk quilts provides more low-quality mulberry silk.

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