[PPR water pipe installation] PPR water pipe installation guide

PPR pipe installation is an important part of the hidden project. Besides the material quality of the water pipe, the correct construction steps are also very important. The PPR pipes in the kitchen and the living room are generally best to "walk, walk, and not walk." Next Xiaobian for everyone to explain in detail ppr pipe installation , let's take a look.

PPR pipe installation guide

PPR pipe installation steps 1, material acceptance

The quality of construction materials will directly affect the quality of the construction and the hidden dangers caused by poor materials used in the future. Before installation, the pipes shall be strictly inspected. The inner and outer walls of the pipes shall be smooth and flat, free from air bubbles, cracks, cracks, dents, peeling, and severe cold spots and obvious marks.

PPR pipe installation step 2, on-site delivery

The installer should carefully read the drawings to confirm the location of the water heaters, sinks, washbasins, washing machines, etc., and understand whether the owner or designer has special requirements. If there are special requirements, the construction should be done in accordance with the owner's or designer's instructions.

PPR plumbing installation steps 3, pipe cutting

In order to avoid unnecessary waste during the installation process, the installer should measure the length of the required pipe to cut it. The pipe cutting adopts special pipe shearing, and the bayonets of the pipe clip should be adjusted to match the diameter of the pipe to be cut. When rotating and cutting, the force should be evenly applied. When the pipe is broken, the section should be perpendicular to the pipe axis. After cutting, the entire round section of the fracture should be cut. No glitches.

PPR pipe installation step 4, pipe connection

PPR pipe and pipe fittings are connected by hot-melt method. The hot-melt connection is the most reliable, convenient operation, good airtightness and high interface strength. Before connecting, remove dust and foreign matter from pipes and accessories. The pipeline connection uses a fusion splicer to heat the pipe and fittings. The depth and time of heat fusion of the pipe and fittings should meet the requirements. Do not rotate while welding. When the tubing is connected, the raw material should be wound to ensure sealing.

PPR plumbing installation step 5, pipe fixing

In order to ensure that the water pipes will not be resonated due to water pressure in the future, all water pipes must be fixed with a pipe clamp. Pipes with a pipe spacing of 400-500mm, outer diameters below 25mm, pipe corners, water meters, and pipe ends shall be provided with 100mm pipe clamps. If the water pipe is in a special situation, the thickness of the mortar must be >100mm.

After the installation of the water pipe, the pressure test shall be carried out. After all the installed inner wire bends, bulkheads or triangular valves shall be installed to ensure the seal.


Water pipe pressure test is to ensure the quality of the water pipe and installation quality test, water pressure measurement using the pressure pump to enter the pipe into the pressure ≥ 0.6Mpa (some manufacturers in order to reflect the quality of their own brand pipe, the proposed pipe pressure 0.8Mpa.), pressure measurement time Not less than 30 minutes, pressure drop <0.05Mpa.

When installing the water pipe, it should be horizontal and vertical, left and right cold, spacing ≥ 30mm. Hot and cold water pipe spacing is not less than 150mm. Hot and cold water pipes can not be worn together with a hole, they should be opened separately. When the water supply pipe and the gas pipe are applied in parallel, the distance is ≥50mm, and the cross-laying distance is ≥10mm. When the balcony needs to install a water pipe, a water valve should be installed.

Above about the PPR pipe installation Raiders on the simple introduction to here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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