Professor Fang Xiaohu held a signature book-sending event at the 50-year editorial board meeting of the superhard materials industry

At the first plenary meeting of the 50-year History Committee of China's Superhard Materials Industry held on August 27~28, 2012, Prof. Fang Xiaohu gave a signature book-granting activity and received more than 40 super-hard materials. A warm welcome from industry experts and scholars. The "Modern Superhard Materials and Products (Upper and Lower)" edited by Fang Xiaohu, Deng Fuming, and Zheng Risheng is a systematic and comprehensive academic monograph on modern superhard materials and products. As one of the earliest pioneers in the research and development of diamond synthesis and product manufacturing technology in China, Fang Xiaohu has been working on the first line of production, learning and research of diamonds and products. He has proposed relatively low temperature and low pressure theory, relative equilibrium theory and slow growth theory. Etc., and with the development of six-sided top press and powder catalyst synthesis technology, the above theory is gradually improved, making it more refined and more systematic, and has made a very important contribution to the development of China's superhard material synthesis technology. Through the book's first volume, the reader will have a deeper understanding of the author's knowledge and its role in the industry. The book's next volume focuses on the preparation and application of superhard materials. It records the technical insights of the authors for decades, and also contains a large number of domestic and foreign first-line experts' research results and foreign literature. The information is believed to be an important reference for the industry and other industries that use diamond tools. Senior academician of the "two houses", an internationally renowned material science scientist, wrote an inscription for the book: "Developing the superhard materials and products industry to serve the rapid development of China's economy and technology, and wishing "the modern superhard materials and products" widely distributed." China The deputy dean of the Academy of Engineering and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering once praised the book as: "The book "Modern Superhard Materials and Products" is a new book that combines industry consensus theory and author's original theory and a lot of practice. The publication of the book is a great blessing for China's super-hard materials and products industry." China's dynamic high-pressure physics scientist, senior academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, by Fu Qian, believes: "The publication of this book will play a role in the future development of China's super-hard materials industry. An important driving force." About the author: Fang Xiaohu: Before 1970, he was engaged in the identification of rare earths, platinum minerals and diamonds. Since 1971, he has devoted himself to the research, development and application of superhard materials and products. He led and participated in the development of the first high-strength synthetic diamond in metallurgy and non-ferrous systems. He was also one of the early researchers engaged in high-strength diamonds in China. In 1977, Guilin Diamond General Factory was established to play an active role in the establishment and leading production of synthetic diamonds and products. He has won two ministerial awards, four provincial awards, one provincial flower award and the first prize of the ministerial diamond drill competition. In 1985, he was rated as a ministerial-level "advanced worker". In 1988, he was rated as a "disciplinary leader" by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In 1990, he was awarded as an outstanding scientific and technological worker in Guangxi "Science and Technology". Participated in China's key project "Promotion and Application of Diamond Geological Core Drilling" and won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. Co-hosted "2# and 2# tests with new catalysts for B" and participated in the "small-diameter synthetic diamond drilling technology" project, won the National Science Conference Award. More than 20 projects hosted or co-hosted have passed the provincial or ministerial level appraisal or award, and won six national patents. In the past three years, "Anhui Hongjing" presided over two "provincial" projects at the provincial level, one of the national "Torch Plan", one of the "Tenth Five-Year" provincial-level research projects, and one of the municipal-level projects, a national key high-tech enterprise. One, the provincial high-tech enterprises and the provincial high-tech products and other technical work parts were successfully completed and passed the demonstration, acceptance and Hebei provincial-level "identification", "Hebei Province Top Ten Invention Awards" Item, "Mayor Special Award". He has published and published "Research and Application of Synthetic Diamonds", edited "Ultra-hard Materials Foundation and Standards", "Superhard Materials Science and Technology", and edited six monographs such as "New Technology and Progress of Superhard Materials", totaling about 3.5 million words. . He has published more than 160 translations and participated in the "30th International Geological Congress" and the "93 and "98 Zhengzhou International Superhard Materials Seminar", etc., and has trained many graduate students, and is jointly with the Central South University and other institutions. PhD student. Recent research directions are: large-scale and intelligent equipment for super-hard materials, new and potential work for small presses, new superhard materials, and new theoretical research. He has served as a member of the "China Machine Tool Association", a member of the "China Abrasives Association", a member of the "Chinese Physical Society High-Voltage Physics Committee" (an active member of the Chinese Physical Society), and a member of the "China Geology Society Exploration Engineering Committee" (Guangxi Geology) The “Young Outstanding Science Workers” and “Deputy Directors of the Guangxi Geological Society Exploration Engineering Committee”, the members of the “China Silicate Society” (“Guangxi Academic Leaders”), and the “Director of the China Nonferrous Metals Mechanics Factory” Chairman of the Research Society, deputy director of the editorial board of "Industrial Diamond", "Western Exploration Engineering" magazine, editorial board of "Journal of High Voltage Physics", "Superhard Materials and Engineering". Present: Deputy Chairman of the "China Geological Society Mine Geology Professional Committee", member of the "National Superhard Materials Expert Technical Committee", "Industrial Diamond Information Network Expert Committee" consultant, "Superhard Materials and Gems" magazine editorial board, "Zhejiang Province Director of the Jadeite Association, reviewer of the Journal of Artificial Crystals, expert of the website of China Superhard Materials Network, and special researcher of China Academy of Management Science.

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