Relying on aluminum processing Guangxi Aluminum Industry completed its second venture

At the end of last year, the Medium- and Long-term Plan for the Second Venture of the Guangxi Aluminum Industry proposed that 80% of the alumina produced in Guangxi should be electrolytically processed in the region and 80% of electrolytic aluminum be further processed in the region within 10 years; by 2025, the The total industrial output value is 200 billion yuan, and the industrial added value is 72 billion yuan. Guangxi's aluminum industry, the second entrepreneurial, transformation and development of the way how to go? The sample provided by Guangxi Investment Group gives inspiration.

Guangxi Investment Group and China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee and Hebei Xinyi Cable signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing in March this year to jointly build a rare earth high-speed rail aluminum alloy international production capacity cooperation base. The total investment of this project is 20 billion yuan. Construction will begin in the first half of this year and will be completed and put into production in the first half of next year. By then, two rare earth aluminum alloy industrial markets can be formed in Guangxi, which radiate the south and ASEAN, and northern Hebei Province.

The construction of rare earth high-speed rail aluminum alloy cable projects is an important project in line with the development trend of the aluminum-based copper industry in the cable industry and the promotion of the wide-aluminum investment aluminum industry in the field of new aluminum alloy materials. This is also the fourth aluminum processing brand company introduced since Guangtou implemented the aluminum industry brand alliance strategy.

In 2015, when aluminum prices fell below the ten-thousand yuan mark per ton, 80% of the electrolytic aluminum enterprises began to lose money, and there was a shortage of capital flow. The downstream aluminum processing industry was also “windy and prone to cold water,” and there was a surge of mergers and closures. The cast aluminum industry is also hard to explore in blood loss. In order to reverse the passive situation of aluminum plate development, Guangyin Yinhai Aluminum, as a secondary platform for undertaking the development of the aluminum plates of the Guangtou Group, takes the initiative and establishes an “industry-based, innovation-driven” "Fuyuan Zhiyuan" concept, put forward the idea of ​​"Chuangchuangrong" synergistic development, using the advantages of the existing aluminum industry full industry chain, looking for breakthroughs in the downstream aluminum industry, realizing transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry, and establishing cooperation with well-known brands in the industry, through "Brand Alliance" realizes the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry and the second entrepreneurial strategy.

“Guangtou’s aluminum industry segment is a rare domestic company with a full range of industries from bauxite to aluminum products. In the face of overcapacity and increasingly fierce market competition, Guangpeng’s aluminum industry must rely on aluminum processing. The use of aluminum-based steel, aluminum-based copper, and aluminum-based iron are increasingly becoming energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and green development. This has created conditions for GAI to develop high-value-added, high-end aluminum processing products. "Guangming Yinhai Aluminum Chairman Jiao Ming told reporters that since the implementation of the brand alliance, the aluminum processing industry chain has expanded toward high value-added, high-end aluminum processing and aluminum extrusion, and has cooperated with Zhaoqing Yalu to build a full range of all fields. The world's leading domestic aluminum, aluminum products and high-end product platforms currently have an aluminum profile production capacity of 400,000 tons; the introduction of brands, the adoption of the "brand sales company + production and processing base" operating model to expand the sales of aluminum profiles, the construction of Guangxi Meiyabao production The processing base has a production capacity of 100,000 tons and realizes the coordinated development of the sales platform and processing base.

At the same time, Guangyin Yinhai Aluminum complies with the development trend of aluminum-based copper in the cable industry and builds a rare earth high-speed rail aluminum alloy international production cooperation base with Hebei Xinyi Cable Co., Ltd. The current design capacity is 5 billion yuan. It will reach 10 billion yuan; through the cooperation with Shenzhen Tongliide Metal Products Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer and supplier of aluminum formwork systems in China, it will take advantage of the industrial chain of Guangyin Yinhai Aluminum and the strategic layout of the three industrial parks and the five major bar factories. To achieve the coverage of the aluminum mold rental service market nationwide, expand the aluminum formwork market, promote the diversified transformation of the group's aluminum processing industry, and achieve an annual output of aluminum formwork up to 500,000 square meters.

While accelerating the promotion of the “Brand Alliance”, Guangyin Yinhai Aluminum will accelerate the development of its own aluminum processing enterprises, accelerate the development of Yinhai Aluminum in Liuzhou with aluminum for transportation, and build an annual output of 350,000 tons of high-precision high-performance aluminum. Aluminum alloy sheet and strip project, with a production capacity of 200,000 tons in the first phase, has successfully developed a number of high value-added aluminum products for transportation and transportation such as coal cars, tank cars, new energy buses, containers, ships, and automobile parts; Alcoa has introduced aluminum for construction and developed aluminum products for electrical and electronic use, high value-added cold rolled strips, high value-added alloy slabs, pull rings, and aluminum cans for use in accordance with market trends.

At present, cooperation projects based on brand alliances have gradually settled in the industrial park of Guangyin Yinhai Aluminum. The 100,000-ton aluminum profile filling and repair project for the three major industrial parks is being stepped up. In the first quarter of this year, Guangyin Yinhai Aluminum achieved a good start to its first production and operation in five years. In particular, the benefits of the aluminum processing sector increased significantly, showing the strong vitality of the brand alliance strategy. The development quality and overall strength of the aluminum plate have been fully improved. Achieve the foundation of the aluminum plate to turn losses into profit.

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