Seven types of pesticide registration

Seven types of pesticide registration, China Pesticide Network Xiaobian for your analysis:
1. Registration of new pesticides: The active ingredients are registered for the first time in China, including the creation of new pesticides and pesticides that have been registered in the country but are registered for the first time in China. The registration of new pesticides requires a full set of secondary materials as required, which cannot be simplified.
2, the same product has been registered, other manufacturers apply for registration. The same product refers to the quality of the active ingredient, the original drug (% of the active ingredient, the impurity), the content of the preparation, the dosage form, the applied crop, the object of the treatment, the method of use, and the like.
3. Registration of mixed preparations: The registration data requirements determine whether the individual pesticides in the mixed preparations have been registered. As long as one of the pesticides has not been registered, it will be processed according to the new pesticide registration requirements. If the pesticides of each single subject have been registered, only some information about the mixed preparation is required. pay attention:
a The purpose of compounding should be clear, scientific basis should be provided, and the best ratio should be screened to screen the original report;
b The acute toxicity of the mixed preparation cannot be highly toxic, it must be moderately toxic and low-toxic, and it cannot be registered if it is seriously poisoned after compounding;
c insecticides can only be mixed with a single dose of pesticides, ternary not allowed to mix;
d Herbicide compounding, each single agent shall not be a long-lasting herbicide.
4. Hygienic pesticide registration: It is necessary to clarify that only the active ingredients of pesticides listed on the list of hygienic pesticides can be mixed into hygienic pesticides. Some project requirements vary depending on the specificity of the sanitizer.
5. Biological pesticide registration: Biological pesticides include two major categories: biochemical pesticides and microbial pesticides, with specific definitions. Since they are naturally occurring or natural, the data requirements can be simplified in terms of toxic environmental influences and residues, unlike chemical pesticides.
6. The original drugs and processing preparations produced by overseas enterprises (including Taiwan Province) in China's sole proprietorship, joint venture, or domestic enterprises are the same products of foreign companies, and the registration materials require certain specialities. With a power of attorney for the use of external product information and trade names, the registration data can be simplified in some respects.
7, packaging and product registration: registration certificate by the Ministry of Agriculture, National Institute for pesticide handling, registration information can be simplified.

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