Shanghai Huangpu fireworks sales point O21-5187O173

Shanghai firecracker fireworks store O21-5l87Ol73 citywide delivery, cash on delivery.
Shanghai Sambo Firecracker Fireworks Co., Ltd. sells fireworks, firecrackers, firecrackers, etc.; specializes in selling various wedding suits such as wedding firecrackers and fireworks; we undertake various celebrations of fireworks special effects and various large, medium and small fireworks.
The company offers the following services:
1. Combination Fireworks Day Fireworks Cold Fireworks Toys Fireworks Earth Red Fortune Guns High Firecrackers Firecrackers Cannons Retail Wholesale
2. Professional fireworks planning stage fireworks celebration fireworks opening fireworks closing fireworks special effects fireworks theme fireworks music fireworks fireworks evening cultural theme fireworks planning discharge.
Service outlets: Each district includes (Huangpu Jing'an Luwan Xuhui Changning Zhabei Putuo Hongkou Yangpu Pudong Minhang Songjiang Baoshan Jiading Qingpu Fengxian Nanhui Jinshan) Our professional authentic quality assurance price is reasonable.
Contact: Mr. Qin Tel: O21-5l87Ol73.
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