Simple decoration costs How much money does a simple decoration need?

There are not so many issues that need to be considered for simple decoration. It is just a matter of simple repairs. There is no need to consider so many problems. Does simple decoration mean cheap? Xiao Bian today through the article to explain to you about the general cost of simple decoration , there is a need for a friend quickly to reference it!

Simple decoration costs

1. Wall base treatment is estimated at RMB 3 per square meter.

The reasons for this part of the costs are: to make up for the walls behind the wires, to deal with the gaps in the walls, to have elastic putty in the insulation layer, and to repair the holes in the building. For the special hanging cloths for special needs, Dacron will do better and the Sigg cloth will be better. If your grassroots is quite good, this part of the money can be saved.

2, wall paint painting.

Wall lining plus high-grade paint, 27 yuan per square meter. 2. 821 putty plus ordinary paint, 18 yuan per square meter.

3, floor tiles about 95 yuan per square meter simple decoration

The combined part of the cost: {includes baseboards, 600*600 P&C Seiko tiles, if you want to choose some well-known brands I am afraid to be more expensive. Accessories are 325.5 ordinary cement, white cement, medium sand, 108 glue, caulking agent} because there will be cut tiles, damage and other conditions, so the floor tile area should be added 3% - 8%.

4, wood flooring using laminate flooring about 85 yuan per square meter

If you want to level with the living room floor, you can use self-leveling cement or floor treasure, about 10 yuan per square meter, a total price of 95 yuan per square meter. Floor damage plus 8% - 10%.

5, kitchen bathroom wall tiles about 75 yuan per square meter simple decoration

Reported damage and the ground can be the same (wall surface with ordinary process inlay all kinds of tiles need ordinary cement 11kg, medium sand 33kg, lime cream 2kg. Cylindrical ordinary craft inlay all kinds of tiles need ordinary cement 13kg , medium sand 27kg, lime cream 3kg.) Selection method can refer to the way of floor tiles.

6, bathroom equipment about 2500 yuan per set

Toilet bowl, wash basin, faucet, bath set, mirror, paper box, soap box, towel bar, tray, floor drain, Yuba. Tip: There are some cheaper appliances in the market, but the quality is quite poor, so it is recommended not to use too cheap.

The above is the introduction of the relevant content of the simple decoration costs, I hope to help you. For more information on Litewear, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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