Small house decoration skills how to decorate small apartment beautiful and affordable

The continuous soaring of urban housing prices has led many young owners to purchase small-sized houses. This will not only have a home of their own, but will not reduce the quality of their lives. How can such small-sized house decoration be both beautiful and affordable? Next, Xiao Bian will share a few tips on the decoration of small-sized houses , hoping to provide help for you!

1, should be cautious decoration color

The small-sized apartment has a small area, the architecture is very cramped, and the windows are also small. It seems that the entire space is very dim and small, so we must start with the overall design of the tone. We all know that deep tones can reduce space. If the area is too small, it will give people a very depressed feeling. Therefore, when small-sized units choose tones, they should try to avoid such colors. They should choose light-colored, warm-colored or intermediate colors as the keynote, such as white. , cream, beige and so on.

2, decorative materials and decorative shapes should be small

Large decorative material specifications, it is very high-end, but suitable for large apartment decoration is better, according to the principle of small-sized decorative materials should be selected small size of the material will make the space even more spacious, such as antique tiles, are generally 300 × 300mm , Cheap and textured, paved on the ground is more generous.

3, furniture and furnishings should be less and fine

Small size furniture and decorations can not be too much, but exquisite. First choose the style that you like, according to the overall style, for the more flexible and functional, independent and versatile furniture can be given priority. In addition, we must pay attention to the purchase of multi-functional furniture as much as possible to save space, and secondly, it is convenient to use and can also provide more storage space.

4, cut off should pay attention to every other

Although the size of small units is small and the places that can be used are equally important, the partition of space becomes more important. The suggestion given here is to replace the existing closed partition walls with screens, sliding doors, or moving furniture. The use of partition materials requires good light transmission, such as glass partitions, not only visual The ductility also makes indoor lighting very good.

5, make full use of lamps and curtains

Lamps to choose small size, simple and good light styling is appropriate, too complicated or luxurious lamps are not suitable for small units, but also pay attention to the auxiliary light source. Again, it is curtains. It is recommended to choose light curtains. The size is selected according to the type of window. That is to say, some styles with long and pleated floor-to-ceiling windows are good looking, but they are not suitable for small-sized units. Remember to choose neat and refreshing curtains as much as possible.

The article concludes: With regard to the decoration of small-sized houses , this small series summarizes the five points of decoration techniques. In the above, it also gave a detailed introduction of all the details, provided for the need to help a friend to provide a reference, I hope this article to share the small house renovation Skills can provide help to everyone.

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