The brand health is not misunderstood water recommendation: what brand of tiles is good

Tiles can be said to occupy an important position in the field of decoration, the style of the tiles determines the style of decoration, the quality of the tiles also determines the quality of the decoration. When people are decorating, they pay great attention to the details of the decoration. Tiles are a part people value. Because tiles account for the largest area of ​​decoration. So what brand of ceramic tile is better ? Following Xiaobian look at it.

What brand of ceramic tile

A Nobel ceramic tile

Nobel Group Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprise that entered China in 1992. To date, Nobel has invested more than 200 million U.S. dollars in China, and has sales of 4.7 billion yuan a year. Sales and market share have been for seven consecutive years (2003-2009). Ranked among the national counterparts, turned over to the state tax for five consecutive years (2005-2009) ranked first in the country counterparts, and become China's leading brand of high-grade tiles.

Second, the champion tiles

Champion Building Materials Group, whose companies include Taiwan Champion Building Materials Co., Ltd., Taiwan Linmu, Lintian Culture and Education Foundation, Xinyi Ceramics (China) Co., Ltd., Xinyi Ceramics (Penglai) Co., Ltd., 15 branch offices and 50 locations in China The sales office has an asset of US$350 million and its products are sold in 25 countries and regions including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Africa.

Third, Dongpeng tiles

With the introduction of the world’s most advanced equipment and technology, it has independently obtained research and development, and has obtained 36 national patent technologies. It has successfully developed a number of new technologies to fill gaps in the industry; and successfully launched “Golden Flower Beige”, “Tianshan Stone” and “Galaxy Stone”. , “Flying Stone”, “Sand Rock”, “Coral Coral” and other consumer-respected new products, at the same time combining modern high-tech products with Oriental ceramic culture, integrating into people’s artistic life, creating a home culture space, and fashion Spaces such as commercial space, overall kitchen and bathroom space, industrial product display space, outer wall dry hanging space, and whole bathroom living hall have guided the trend of the industry. Dongpeng products are widely used in thousands of government projects such as the Tiananmen Tower, the State Council Office Building, the National Grand Theatre and so on. They have become the brands favored by consumers and the decoration industry.

Fourth, Mona Lisa ceramics

Guangdong Mona Lisa Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, specializing in the production of various types of medium-to-high-grade ceramic tiles. It currently has 22 large-scale modern production lines with annual production value of nearly 2 billion yuan. The company has a total of more than 460 patents, is the vice president of the China Ceramic Industry Association units, to undertake the National 11th Five-Year Technology major support projects. The company has a world-leading, domestic only architectural ceramic sheet production line, the company also built the world's largest Mona Lisa theme museum - China Mona Lisa Cultural Art Museum, for cultural and artistic exchanges at home and abroad.

Five, Marco Polo tiles

Born in 1996, as the earliest branded ceramic brand in China, it occupied the market with “cultural ceramics” and enjoyed the reputation of “ancient brick supreme”. The company has more than 380 patents, has built more than 1,800 stores at home and abroad, and has three-dimensional marketing networks such as tooling, home improvement, supermarkets and e-commerce. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, and are a number of design institutes. The strategic cooperation brand, the main building materials supply brand for the Olympic Games, entered the Expo in 2010. The Marco Polo brand has been awarded the title of "Guangdong Brand Product" and "China Famous Brand of Building Ceramics". In 2007, it was awarded “China Famous Brand” by the National Trademark Office and became one of the few famous brand winners in the ceramic industry. Since 2004, Marco Polo has been rated as the top 500 most valuable brands in China for eight consecutive years. In 2011, the brand value reached 5.0026 billion.

Edit Summary: The above is what a good brand of tile-related, due to the different needs of each person, so I chose different, more information for your reference. Hope to help friends who have this need!

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