The hardware industry has a series of all-round developments

At present, there are some problems in the domestic kitchen and bathroom industry, which hinder the healthy development of the industry:

The first one is small and complete. Now we have embarked on a strange circle. If the kitchen and bathroom enterprises have to do it, after doing it, they have to do everything. To produce the leading faucet, we must also produce ceramic sanitary ware and produce a shower room. Today's bathroom products, tomorrow to make kitchen products. The all-round development strategy is not suitable for every enterprise, especially small enterprises with weak strength. Too large a booth often means that there is no way to do a special job in a certain field, and even each product category is uncharacteristic. Can't take it. This is not conducive to the improvement of the entire industry, and is not conducive to competition with similar foreign companies.

The second is the lack of technology development, the lack of products with intellectual property rights, and fewer products that can compete with the international market. No matter what kind of products we have in our kitchen and bathroom products, it is very rare to really compete with foreign big brands or international companies. The production cycle of local enterprises is generally short. Indeed, foreign countries have been in the history of hundreds of years, and we have kitchen and bathroom products after the reform and opening up. In the past, there were very few kitchen and bathroom products in the residents' homes. Later, the house design had a bathroom, and there was a kitchen room, which became a suite. The current large apartment has even two or three bathrooms. Compared with the rapid development of residential design, the time and extent of kitchen and bathroom development are not enough. Therefore, we must vigorously promote the industrialization of kitchen and bathroom, the development of kitchen and bathroom technology.

Third: Industrial design is relatively backward in terms of function and appearance. Industrial design is related to people's living habits and the maximum use of product functions. The backwardness of industrial design is more intrinsic to the whole nation, and it is also related to the lack of attention to the shape. Now some domestic associations and organizations have already launched industrial design awards, which should be a boost. In the industrial design, the kitchen and toilet industry has a lot of work to do, because the kitchen and bathroom products have more requirements and space, and the industrial design needs to be strengthened.

Fourth: the surface quality of the product needs to be improved. This is the most prominent problem in the local kitchen and bathroom products, and it is also the biggest gap with foreign products. The imperfection of surface quality has a lot to do with the short-term and impetuous mentality of many companies. And our requirements for testing are not high enough. For example, the faucet of Germany Weibo, the minimum test requirement is 108 hours, which is three times that of similar products in China. Therefore, after a period of use, it will be felt that the surface of China's faucet is always bright. It is optimistic that many manufacturers have made great progress in surface treatment in recent years.

Although the local sanitary ware industry has achieved remarkable results in the past 30 years, we cannot ignore the gap with the international advanced level. Every discussion of the development of the national sanitary ware industry can cause people in the industry to express their opinions.

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