The idea should be clear, what are the precautions for hydropower positioning?

Water and electricity positioning in home renovation is a very important step. Only when the hydropower positioning is done, can the indoor electrical facilities and equipment be properly installed. So what should we pay attention to for hydropower positioning? Next, Xiaobian will give you concrete explanations.

Hydropower location considerations

1. Prepare a marker and measuring tape before positioning. Usually, the electrician will carry it with you, but you must use it just in case. After positioning with an electrician, be sure to confirm it again on the spot and pay attention to the location of each appliance, such as air conditioning.

2, hydropower positioning is based on your needs to determine the location of the whole house switch socket and the location of the waterway interface, plumbers according to the position of the switch socket faucet on the wall draw the direction of the water line and the wire is also the layout of the line, remember to Your decoration team needs a water and electricity map, so that the plumber can follow the map to explain clearly to you. Don't be afraid of trouble. The plumber will meet your requirements. If you do not sign after the completion of the hydropower reform, the plumber should not even think about the renovation. The captain got money.

3. Before hydropower positioning, it is best to ask professionals to test pressure on new residential water pipes. The property company must do a 24-hour water-rejection test and check the circuit at the same time, mainly 1.5 square lighting lines, 2.5 square outlet lines, and 4 square meters. Whether the air conditioning line meets the requirements, whether the outlets are properly installed with the ground wire, and whether the loops in each room are on the right track, especially if the air conditioning is best to use a single circuit, toilets, kitchens, etc. use Yuba, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. in a The loop, if it is not correct, should be adjusted back when taking hydropower, so as not to leave troubles.

4. When hydropower is positioned, it is generally necessary to invite all sanitary ware businesses and audio businesses. It is best to agree that at the same time, if solar energy is purchased, solar energy suppliers should be invited. If you consider using water purification equipment, you must also To find businesses, and plumbers together to discuss the distribution and positioning of hydropower, of course, also consider the installation of gas water heaters, electric water heaters. Cupboard merchants and integrated ceiling merchants generally provide water and electricity plans. This must be remembered as a substitute for plumbers. They must follow the requirements. If they do not understand, they can call them.

5. It is best to think long-term when locating hydropower. Do not confine yourself to the current requirements for use. For example, in the kitchen, the main considerations currently are soybean milk makers, juicers, microwave ovens, rice cookers, soup soups, etc., but I do not know what will come out in the future, so the outlet must be installed more, which is a convenience for the future. The TV background wall must have more sockets, TV, DVD, etc... You will find that the socket is not enough. Some places should fully consider, such as near the bathroom cabinet, the use of hair dryer and razor; and if there is a socket inside or under the shoe is not bad, you can use a baking shoe.

6, when the lamp is installed, the position of the table shall be taken into account. Perhaps the position of the lamp may not be in the center of the table. Also consider the location of the wall light, preferably in the middle of the bed. The location of the socket must be considered as a good height, spacing, and possible furniture style in the future. If you don't have a good look at the style and style of the furniture, when the fancy furniture is bought back, some outlets are blocked. .

7. Install spotlights or lights above sinks and gas stoves. The gas stove is usually in the same position as the smoke machine. Some smoke machines are equipped with spotlights. For example, the Gehringer smoke separator I bought has two beautiful spotlights, so there is no need for a separate lamp. If the purchased cigarette lighter does not have light, this place should consider installing the light, so that it is convenient to cook at night or when the light is not good.

8, all the air conditioning outlet is best to use the switch socket, especially the bathroom electric water heater, with a two-stage switch with a plug is appropriate, such as to turn off the heat, pull the plug is dangerous, and when the air conditioning off, just gently Press the switch, no need to remove the plug. When you want to take a good air-conditioner when you are on the line, move the power supply as close to the air-conditioner as possible so as not to see a power cord when installing the air-conditioner, leaving a pity.

9. The switch of the whole house should be basically in the same level, at least on the same facade to be basically at the same level. The outlets of the whole house should be located in the same horizontal position as much as possible. Special outlets such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and special requirements are exceptions. The color of the phase line and neutral line in the circuit reconstruction should be consistent with each house. If possible, it is better to specify the color of the fire line, neutral line, and control line in the contract. The protection line is a yellow-green color according to the national regulations.

Hydropower location is a very important part of the renovation, which to a certain extent determines the layout of electrical appliances in the future, so we must pay attention to the layout of home appliances in the future.

The above is a brief introduction for Xiaobian. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to Qijia Consulting. More exciting consultation, please stay tuned.

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