The prosperity of enterprises cannot be separated from high-level management.

Businesses cannot be separated from management, just as fish cannot be separated from water. Management is inseparable from talent, just as a baby can't live without milk. Without a talent, the prospect of a company that does not understand management is absolutely worrying. The prosperity of a company is definitely the result of a high level of management. The collapse of a company is definitely the result of low management. Some people think that this is not possible, but the fact is that it is not to be doubted and questioned. Because management covers a wide range, it is almost all-encompassing. Skeptics are because they are not proficient in management and will not manage. Management not only has management theory, but also management philosophy, and more management techniques and management tools. Now I combine the management knowledge I have learned and put forward the basic principles of management. Management has a practical type, as well as a flower boxing embroidery type. In fact, management is regular and there are some commonalities. The basic principle of management is a summary of some regularities in management. Everything changes. The same way. Everything has its own origin, and the basic principles of management are also equivalent to its origin. The first basic principle of management is people-oriented principle. In addition to office space, factories, equipment, etc., the most important thing is the people. People are the determining factor in the enterprise. Even if the company uses robots as employees, it also requires people to operate and maintain, or need to program command and command robots, or need to manage robot factories. What about those companies that are human employees? The root of humanism is to focus on talent. Talent is the key to competition. If enterprises want to survive and develop and leave talent, it is an empty talk. Enterprises without talents must compete with other companies. Talent is the source of innovation. Enterprises develop new products, and inventions and creations are all made by talents. When you leave the talent, you can't talk about innovation. Moreover, there is no talent to manage the enterprise, to run the business, how can the company survive? The second basic principle of management is the principle of efficiency and effectiveness . What is the purpose of management? The most basic purpose of management is to improve efficiency and effectiveness. There is no efficiency and effect, or low efficiency and effect, but also bluntly understand management, it is simply hanging sheep's head, but selling it is dog meat. The management of efficiency and effectiveness is essentially a form of walking and engaging in a flower rack. The essence of management is the efficiency and effect, and the improvement of efficiency can reduce the production cost of enterprises and increase the output. And the improvement of the effect can achieve the intended purpose. Efficiency is the speed and process of doing things, and the effect is the result of doing things. High efficiency is the right thing to do, and the good result is to do the right thing. Doing things quickly is efficiency, and doing things well is the result. As a business manager, one thing to keep in mind is that efficiency and effectiveness are brought out. This is the true management effectiveness. The third basic principle of management is the principle that quality is heaven . Quality is the life of the product. Counterfeit products not only hurt consumers, but also hurt the entire national enterprise. It’s not just the customers who are harming the pits, but also the society. There are many companies that have closed down due to product quality problems, the most typical of which is Sanlu Enterprise, which has closed down due to the richness of milk powder in melamine. The quality of enterprise products is good because the management of the company attaches great importance to and combines modern quality management methods. The quality of enterprise products is not good, mainly because the leadership is not paying enough attention and neglecting management. Enterprises with excellent product quality can not only form famous brands, but also good business reputation, often long-lived enterprises. Enterprises with poor product quality, even if they spend money to make overwhelming advertisements and form a brand, as long as consumers find that the quality is defective after purchase, they will vote for no confidence, and many consumers will jointly boycott the loss. Enterprise products, companies will pay a painful price for this, and even collapse. Some enterprises have just begun to pay attention to product quality issues. After the company has developed to a certain scale and become a well-known enterprise, it has neglected the product quality problem, and finally lost the market share that has been hard-earned in the market competition. If we attach importance to and respect the quality of our products, just as we value and cherish our own lives, then the company is not far from prosperous. Without quality, there is no market. The fourth basic principle of management is the principle of combining management philosophy with management techniques . Management philosophy can be realized in nature and can be elevated to the level of theory and philosophy. Management technology is a combination of management tools, management skills, management experience, and modern high technology. China's five thousand years of civilization pays more attention to the thinking of thought and philosophy. The thoughts of the pre-Qin philosophers are even more philosophical treasures. Very simple truth, natural phenomena and laws, plus the natural laws of human beings, this is the ideological root of philosophical exploration, and enterprises are inseparable from human beings, and they are inseparable from the laws of nature, and of course the philosophical thoughts of the philosophers of the philosophers. There are places where there are coincidences, and there are always places where the same goes. Therefore, Chinese companies emphasize management philosophy. Emphasis on the management of people. Western companies focus on management technology. Emphasis on the management of technology. Western companies have taken the liberty to combine management with science and technology to maximize productivity and reduce costs. Enterprises are organizations that combine people, technology, equipment, etc., because Chinese companies must not only learn management philosophy, but also manage people; they must also learn from management techniques to increase productivity. It is used for the purpose of the ocean, and it is used for the ancients. Get the management of the Chinese and Western combination. The fifth basic principle of management is the principle of innovation and technology . Innovation is the process of new inventions, new thinking, and a new description of a concept. There are three ways to innovate. One way is to update, that is to upgrade the original product to add new features. The two ways are to create something new that was not available before, and now create new, no substitute products. The three ways are change. It is to change the appearance of other people's products, change the appearance, structure, use, function and so on. Or imitate other people's products and improve on the basis. Or change it on your own product. The purpose of innovation is to upgrade technology. Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and innovation is the creation of new productive forces. Every progress of the company is based on innovation, accompanied by advances in science and technology. Innovation drives the advancement of science and technology. Every time the advancement of science and technology in enterprises, the company has also made a leap-like development. Combining innovation with technology will have core competencies that other companies cannot surpass. The sixth basic principle of management is the principle of equal emphasis on profit and social responsibility . The purpose of starting a business is nothing more than pursuing profit maximization. However, enterprises cannot do without the society, and they cannot do without the market, and they cannot do without consumers. Consumer preferences and choices determine the level of preference and loyalty to the business. Enterprises that only care about their own profits will develop unscrupulously, sometimes producing counterfeit and shoddy products, sometimes ruining the interests of consumers, sometimes violating national laws and regulations, and even worse, polluting and destroying people's living environment. Such enterprises are the targets of consumer slamming, and sooner or later they will be spurned by customers and market. It is a company with social responsibility that cares about profits as well as companies that increase and protect social welfare. Such companies can win the hearts of stakeholders and be loyal to customers. Enterprises love society, society will love enterprises; enterprises love people, people will love enterprises; enterprises love customers, customers will love enterprises. This love is a social responsibility. Love is exchanged in a peer-to-peer manner. How much you pay, how much you can get. The seventh basic principle of management is the principle of mobilizing the most motivated employees . Automated, conscious, and spontaneous completion of work tasks, this is enthusiasm and initiative. After the enthusiasm of the employees, they can produce high-quality products and increase productivity. To achieve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's expectations, this is the reason to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. If the employees are passive and slack, and the work is not completed well, it will be inefficient and low-effect, which means that the company has a group of lazy people. It wastes both production costs and labor costs. The key to management is to maximize the enthusiasm of employees. After the employees are actively active, the managers of the company should be less motivated. Not only will innovation come out, but the enthusiasm of the employees will produce more quality products, which will save production costs and save labor costs. Reduced time costs. If the enthusiasm of the employees cannot be mobilized to the greatest extent, it can be said that the management implemented by the manager is a failure, and vice versa, it is successful. The first basic principle of management is the principle that enterprise products satisfy customer needs . The products and services provided by the company are nothing more than letting customers buy and consume, so that the company can make profits from it. Without a customer to buy a company's products and services, the company loses its meaning. Customers have consumer preferences and product needs. The products produced by the company and the services provided, the taste of the consumers, the customers will be willing to pay for the package. If it is not right, then the customer will choose another product and service provided by other companies. In order to allow customers to purchase the products and services provided by the company, the company is required to discover and explore the consumer demand of the customer, so that the customer's needs are satisfied, thereby maximizing customer satisfaction. The customer's needs are met, and the customer's satisfaction is maximized, which will make the customer repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty to the company.

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