There is so much knowledge to choose a smart toilet lid

A few days ago, the editor posted a Weibo about the price of smart toilet cover. Many fans came to inquire about the price of the cheapest smart cover of a certain brand. The smart toilet has functions such as warm water washing, warm air drying, and intelligent deodorization, and it is becoming more and more popular. But in everyone’s impression, the price of smart toilets is prohibitive. During the event, many brands of smart toilets basically have a certain discount, such as TOTO smart cover, the price of the event is only more than two thousand, which is within the range of everyone’s psychological acceptance. Inside. But this is not to say that the cheaper things the better, the key is to choose them.

Confirm whether it is suitable for installation

When many people buy a smart cover for the first time, they always want to be cheap, and buy whichever is the cheapest. But each has its own smart cover type and size, the cheapest is not necessarily suitable for the size of the toilet from home. In addition, the smart cover belongs to the category of electronic products, so to install the socket, you must first make sure that there is a jack near the toilet, or else you have to remodel the bathroom line, which will cause trouble.

Choose flushing method

Smart cover water temperature, the water can be adjusted and whether it is important that everyone feels rinse water temperature is not the same location, you can choose to adjust the water temperature smart cover plate is necessary. At present, most smart covers have multiple washing methods, such as washing methods specially designed for women. However, many people still have the misunderstanding that the greater the water output, the cleaner the washing. Whether the washing is clean depends on the washing method rather than the water consumption.

Hygienic issues of seat ring and nozzle

The smart cover seat ring and nozzle are in direct contact with the human body, so many people are worried about the hygiene of these two. At present, many brands of seats and water nozzles use antibacterial materials , so the owner should guide the purchase to learn more about the nozzle water design, whether there are automatic cleaning, sterilization and other functions to ensure safe use.

Function selection

Went to the building materials market only to find that many brands of smart cover a lot of functions, such as warm air drying, intelligent deodorant, night lighting, but it does not mean that function better, most owners can choose according to the actual needs of their own The smart cover that suits you can enhance the convenience and comfort of use.

safe question

When paying attention to the news, I see that the smart cover has spontaneous combustion, so the owner must be more cautious when purchasing. There are many, short circuit, leakage, etc., may cause self-ignition causes of spontaneous combustion of the cover, so at the time of purchase to ask if there is cover if the temperature is too high, and automatic power-off function is a waterproof socket and so on.

After-sales service

There are many types of smart toilets in the market, and competition is fierce. Many brands have drastically reduced prices for promotional purposes, but owners must not be confused by the low prices. When purchasing, ask how long the shelf life of the product is . Only when the quality of the product is excellent, the business dare to promise a longer shelf life. So don't blindly seek price advantage, after-sales service is also important.

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I believe that after reading the above introduction, you must have a certain understanding of how to buy a smart cover. But before you choose the best online research about the use of your selected brand product, no matter how the ads do not feel like using real people to reality. If you have any questions about how to buy a smart cover, you may wish to leave us a message, and we have the most professional team to help you answer your questions.

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