Tips: How to wear off the protective clothing in order to maximize the protection function?

In the production process, the common physical injury factors include: high temperature, strong radiant heat, low temperature, chemical agents, microwave radiation, ionizing radiation, electrostatic hazards, etc. Therefore, protection of the body by protective clothing is necessary. According to the structure and protective function of the protective clothing and protective parts, the protective clothing is classified as follows:

(1) General protective clothing;

(2) Flame retardant protective clothing;

(3) Acid-resistant chemical protective clothing;

(4) anti-static clothing;

(5) welding protective clothing;

(6) oil-proof clothing;

(7) waterproof clothing;

(8) live working shielding clothes;

(9) X-ray protective clothing;

(10) Protective clothing for microwave radiation.

(11) Forest Fire Protection Service

How to wear off protective clothing in order to maximize the protection function?

The wearing requirements for protective clothing for workers on the construction site are:

(1) Workers must wear overalls while working;

(2) The cuff must be tight when operating the rotating machine;

(3) Personnel engaged in special operations must wear special protective clothing;

(4)Welder uniforms should be made of white canvas.

Here's an example of chemical protective clothing. Explain how to wear it off:

The method of wearing and removing protective clothing includes the following four points: the preparation of protective clothing before wearing, the choice of place when wearing protective clothing, the method of wearing protective clothing, and the method of removing protective clothing; and the overall wear precautions of protective clothing are also used for each protective clothing. The people must understand. Improper wear and tear of protective clothing may cause toxic and harmful substances (such as toxic gases, chemical solvents, virus germs, etc.) to cause skin damage to workers.

Wear protective clothing method

Protective clothing should be worn in a certain order. This can ensure that the protective clothing is worn correctly and quickly. It can also be used as a protective clothing in the work. It also lays a foundation for the safe removal after use.

1. Unfold the protective work clothing (the hood covers itself and opens upwards);

2. Open the mouth of the chemical protective clothing, chest and chest, the legs have been stretched into the trousers, put on tops, and fasten the belt. ;

3. After wearing a gas mask, check the gas mask's airtightness at the first time, confirm the correctness of the protective clothing, and tie the neck strap.

4. Put on protective gloves, put down the outer sleeve and fasten it.

Finally, in order to improve the tightness of the entire protective clothing, it is possible to apply adhesive tape at the openings (such as plackets, cuffs, trousers, face masks, and protective clothing hooded interfaces.) In order to enhance the hand protection, you can choose to wear two layers of gloves. During the entire process, it is necessary to prevent the inner layer of the protective clothing from being exposed to the external environment so that the protective clothing will not be contaminated at the beginning.

Out of protective clothing method

The principle that should be followed when taking off protective clothing is to safely take off protective clothing and not cause pollution to the human body and the environment. It should be particularly noted here that the necessary cleaning and decontamination must be performed before taking off chemical protective clothing. The cleaning and decontamination of protective clothing is mainly to ensure that the operator is not harmed by toxic substances on the surface of the protective clothing or environmental pollution while safely removing the protective clothing. After washing and eliminating dirt, taking off chemical protective clothing also needs to follow certain procedures:

1. Unfasten the straps from the bottom up;

2. Take off the hood, pull the chest down to the shoulders, take off the gloves, the two hands indented in the cuff and grab the inner sleeve, hands behind back off the gloves and tops;

3. Then insert your hands into the waistband and turn them outwards to take off your pants.

4. Remove the air respirator and remove the gas mask.

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